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Artist:The Mothers Of Invention
Title:Freak Out!
Label:  Verve
Catalogue:V6-5005-2 / V6/5005-2
Date:27 Jun 1966
Format:Stereo LP
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Community: 19 Own, 1 Wants
Price Guide:$381
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A1The Mothers Of InventionHungry Freaks, DaddyF. Zappa9.0  Rate
A2The Mothers Of InventionI Ain't Got No HeartF. Zappa9.0  Rate
A3The Mothers Of InventionWho Are The Brain Police?F. Zappa10.0  Rate
A4The Mothers Of InventionGo Cry On Somebody Else's ShoulderF. Zappa, A. Collins10.0  Rate
A5The Mothers Of InventionMotherly LoveF. Zappa10.0  Rate
A6The Mothers Of InventionHow Could I Be Such A FoolF. Zappa10.0  Rate
B1The Mothers Of InventionWowie ZowieF. Zappa8.0  Rate
B2The Mothers Of InventionYou Didn't Try To Call MeF. Zappa8.0  Rate
B3The Mothers Of InventionAny Way The Wind BlowsF. Zappa8.0  Rate
B4The Mothers Of InventionI'm Not SatisfiedF. Zappa8.0  Rate
B5The Mothers Of InventionYou're Probably Wondering Why I'm HereF. Zappa7.0  Rate
C1The Mothers Of InventionTrouble Comin' Every DayF. Zappa8.0  Rate
C2The Mothers Of InventionHelp, I'm A Rock (Suite In Three Movements): 1st Movement: Okay To Tap Dance; 2nd Movement: In Memoriam, Edgar Varese'; 3rd Movement: It Can't Happen HereF. Zappa10.0  Rate
D1The Mothers Of InventionThe Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet (Unfinished Ballet In Two Tableaus): I. Ritual Dance Of The Child-Killers; II. Nullis Pretii (No Commercial Potential)F. Zappa10.0  Rate


Produced by Tom Wilson
Arranged and Conducted by Frank Zappa


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Comments and Reviews
Break-In Master
25th Jan 2023
 It should've been called, "How To Waste At Least 2 Sides Of Vinyl".

13th Aug 2018
 Added a fourth label variant images. Also added original right gatefold image which includes "Planning On Visiting L.A. This Summer?" ad to order a "Freak Out Hot Spots" map. This was removed from later editions of the album.

edlongus SUBS
2nd Jun 2018
 Label variant scans added. In my copy, Record 1 had black labels whereas Record 2 had blue labels.

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