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Artist:The Coasters
Title:The Coasters' Greatest Hits
Label:  Atco
Catalogue:SD 33-111
Date:Nov 1959
Format:Stereo LP
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A1The CoastersPoison IvyJerry Leiber, Mike StollerRate
A2The CoastersAlong Came JonesJerry Leiber, Mike StollerRate
A3The CoastersDown In MexicoJerry Leiber, Mike StollerRate
A4The CoastersThe Shadow KnowsJerry Leiber, Mike StollerRate
A5The CoastersI'm A Hog For YouJerry Leiber, Mike StollerRate
A6The CoastersCharlie BrownJerry Leiber, Mike StollerRate
B1The CoastersYakety YakJerry Leiber, Mike StollerRate
B2The CoastersZing! Went The Strings Of My HeartJames HanleyRate
B3The CoastersThat Is Rock And RollJerry Leiber, Mike StollerRate
B4The CoastersYoung BloodJerry Leiber, Mike StollerRate
B5The CoastersSweet Georgia BrownBen Bernie, Kenneth Casey, Maceo PinkardRate
B6The CoastersSearchin'Jerry Leiber, Mike StollerRate


All tracks are simulated stereo.
Year may be 1959.


Comments and Reviews
18th Feb 2020
 The master number pegs this as a November 1968 release. Atlantic must have rushed out the rechanneled version to replace the original when mono was disappearing en masse, and they didn't want this catalogue seller to get left behind.

25th Apr 2019
 This fake stereo edition is most likely from 1968 - see the first two digits of the matrix numbers on the labels. Occasionally Atlantic released albums early in the year after the one in which they were mastered, so this could be a 1969 release.

25th Jun 2015
 Added missing album cover and label images. Label is a later reissue.

16th Feb 2014
 Liner notes: Ira Howard.
Recording engineer: Tom Dowd.
Cover photo: Garrett-Howard.
Cover design: Marvin Israel.
Supervision: Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller.
Electronically re-recorded to simulate stereo.
The mono edition appears in Schwann in January 1960, but the stereo edition was issued later.

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