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Artist:Pigmeat Markham
Title:Here Come The Judge
Label:  Chess
Date:Jun 1968
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A1Pigmeat MarkhamHere Comes The JudgeAlen, Astor, Markham, HarveyRate
A2Pigmeat MarkhamI Got The NumberRate
A3Pigmeat MarkhamThe News ReporterRate
A4Pigmeat MarkhamHere Come The JudgeRate
A5Pigmeat MarkhamFast NewsRate
A6Pigmeat MarkhamFrisco KateRate
B1Pigmeat MarkhamMy Wife, I Ain't Seen HerRate
B2Pigmeat MarkhamThe TrialRate


On track 1A, Minnie Riperton does background vocals and orders "2 cans of beer, please".


Comments and Reviews
edlongus SUBS
31st Jan 2023
 RichardSibello, (as Popeye used 2 say), "Well blow me down"!! I never knew that early copies didn't include the hit single (which I consider the FIRST true rap/hip-hop record)!! Checking over at that other site, I saw a copy. I learn something new EVERY day, and thanx!! ☺

RichardSibello SUBS
29th Jan 2023
 First pressings of this LP do NOT have track A1 ("Here Comes The Judge"). That track was added on later pressings (accounting for the 16909-R matrix number on the A-side label - first pressings have 16909 matrix with no R).

edlongus SUBS
10th Nov 2022

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