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Yusef Lateef: The Gentle Giant   Comment by Louval

[YouTube Video] "Lowland Lullabye"

Brenda Lee: Sincerely   Comment by 7226power

Notes section should be; With Chorus and Orchestra directed by Owen Bradley Arrangements by Bill McElhiney Printed in England by St. James Press, London and Edenbridge A mod correction request already sent.

Brenda Lee: All The Way   Comment by 7226power

In notes section; with Chorus and Orchestra directed by Owen Bradley Printed in England by St. James Press, London and Edenbridge A mod correction request already sent.

Brenda Lee: Brenda,That's All   Comment by 7226power

In notes section; With Orchestra and Chorus Under direction of Owen Bradley Printed in England by MacNeill Press, London, S.E.1. A mod correction request already sent.

The George Martin Orchestra: Off The Beatle Track   Comment by The Blues Breaker

I just love how "All I've Got to Do" is spelled correctly on the back cover and on Side-1 but incorrectly on the front cover. Fire the typesetter!

Lesley Parsonson: Fitness Fun With Lesley Vol. 1   Comment by 23skidoo

Discogs gives a release date of 1974 for this album which doesn't work with the music featured. The Saskatchewan Archival Information Network says 1978. It actually says Feb. 14, 1978 but I'm not sure if that's the date of recording or release so I just corrected to 1978.

Denise McCann: Tattoo Man   Comment by arjayvee

Added scan of back cover.

Bob McGilpin: Superstar   Comment by arjayvee

Added songwriters per credits inside gatefold.

Clifford T. Ward: Mantle Pieces   Comment by Gian_paolo

Yes but the matrix look different too, at least from what I'm seeing on Discogs. So I'd like to know if all the first UK pressings have this 'Bruin' on back cover ...

Pigmeat Markham: Here Come The Judge   Comment by RichardSibello SUBS

First pressings of this LP do NOT have track A1 ("Here Comes The Judge"). That track was added on later pressings (accounting for the 16909-R matrix number on the A-side label - first pressings have 16909 matrix with no R).

Judy Garland: A Star Is Born   Comment by Lovinda

Linked issues

Cat Stevens: The View From The Top   Comment by 78rpm-maniac

This issue is NOT from 1972. The label carries the LC-Code. Must be an issue from 1974 upwards. [Mod: removed date]

Dr. Hook: Makin' Love And Music   Comment by kevhutson

Label and rear sleeve images added.

Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller, Dudley Moore: Beyond The Fringe   Comment by Quad5point1

Added better, full size cover scans to replace my originals. The front scan now reflects the true colour of Orange instead of Red.

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