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Villervalle I Söderhavet   Comment by Sundius-Larsen

i would like to remove current first image, and move up the other one.

Partaj   Comment by Sundius-Larsen

At least some episodes were 45 minutes long.

Kronprinsen Som Försvann   Comment by Sundius-Larsen

I have added all of SVT's Advent or Christmas calendars 1960-2022. They usually have 24 episodes aired from December 1-24, some calendars have 26 episodes when they start at the first of Advent. All Nordic countries have their Christmas calendars, Denmark from 1962, Finland...

När Karusellerna Sover   Comment by Sundius-Larsen

1998 [Thanks, now fixed. Mod.]

Detectorists   Comment by Quad5point1

Just found THIS and ordered it. Thought I would let all the Detectorists fans know about it :-)

Gun   Comment by mikewn

Contains Six episodes: - Episode 1 - The Shot - Episode 2 - Ricochet - Episode 3 - Columbus Day - Episode 4 - All the President's Women - Episode 5 - The Hole - Episode 6 - Father John

Fem Dagar I December   Comment by Sundius-Larsen

I could not find any images

Tårtan   Comment by Sundius-Larsen

This children's series was about three disgusting pastry shop workers. I remember that my brother and me loved this series because of their outrageous behavior, and my mother hated it. I added extra pictures so you will get an idea.

Star Trek: Prodigy   Comment by 23skidoo

Season 1 of this, which had 20 episodes, aired over the course of more than a year, beginning with a 5-episode arc in the fall of 2021, followed by a long hiatus before the first season resumed in the fall of 2022, concluding at the end of December.

The Beatles: Get Back   Comment by 23skidoo

No one replied to my request for a source and I've been unable to find any media reference to Get Back continuing beyond its one-off miniseries. Again, if Variety or some other source has reported that a second season is being made of this, please note it here and correct...

Äkta människor   Comment by Sundius-Larsen

I loved the first season, but lost interest after a few episodes of the second season.

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge   Comment by mikewn

Episodes: 1 - Return of the Darkstalkers (21 Mar. 1997) 2 - Blood of the Darkstalkers, Power of the Darkstalkers (21 Sep. 1997) 3 - Pyron Descending (21 Mar. 1998) 4 - For Whom They Fight (21 Sep. 1998)

Ads Infinitum   Comment by alexlincs

RIP Victor Lewis-Smith

Julius Caesar   Comment by zamla_71

Title screen added, Thanx

NileCity 105,6   Comment by zamla_71

Title screen added, Thanx

Cleopatra   Comment by zamla_71

Title Screen Added, Thanx

The Devil's Whore   Comment by zamla_71

Title screen added, Thanx

Petrocelli   Comment by 23skidoo

I was today years old when I learned that four years before this series began, Barry Newman played the same character in the big-screen (and somewhat obscure) feature film, The Lawyer.

Sesame Street   Comment by MR B PAGE

R.I.P. Bob McGrath, Emilio Delgado, Will Lee and other members of Sesame Street, sadly no longer with us, that you`ve really entertained us through all the years and will be sadly missed..

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