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The vocals are fine, and they did specially good recordings of Little Darlin and Stroll.
The tape is chrome, normal play, with no Dolby.

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Highly recommended, modern jazz arrangements by Benny Golson. Lots of great players in the band. This one is a sleeper!

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Single-reel reissue of the earlier Capitol "two-fer" budget copy; dubbed with much better sound quality this time (at 7 1/2IPS as well as on longer lasting polyester-base tape) and commercially available during 1970-1971.

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Arguably(?), even by underground b.l. consensus, THE BEST commercially-released sound quality of this infamously bad recording *ever* available...even better than the 2004 remaster in the Capitol Albums cd rainbow box (because: the source tape when the reel was duplicated would've been 35 years NEWER). The bass was not filtered out on the tape like it had to be for vinyl copies.

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I've never heard "Vol. 1" of this, but: the interpretations here are not awful, nor lounge kitsch at all. They're faithful-enough to the source material so much...they're pleasant in their own right for their unabashed grandiosity. As close to being another London "Phase 4" album of the period as one could get (most of the technical credits are probably the same).

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Not bad for a 3 3/4-speed reel at all! The tape communicates the narrowly-mixed, "Rockabilly"/bar-band-sound with so much more naturalness and "clean" distortion than the vinyl counterpart.

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GRT, like Columbia House, were usually budget tape manufacturers with poor audio quality product...*BUT*: GRT REALLY WENT ALL-OUT WITH AMAZING SONICS ON THIS ONE! I'm guessing(?), maybe(?): they'd outsourced reel to reel duplication to MAGTEC at this time (the dark grey oxide Scotch 203 is the same stock as the MAGTEC-duped reels of this late era of the format). There's no way GRT ever made anything on their own this good!
I am a tremendous fan of Three Dog Night and think THEY SHOULD be in the R'nR HOF! Again, if people ever heard these performances on this format: it would totally blow-away the 8-track cartridges and crummy Dunhill vinyl they were probably introduced to this recording with.

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This 5" reel of the Capitol Y&T album came out in September, 1966 and: WAS THE FIRST REPRESENTATION OF IT -IN ANY FORMAT- ISSUED IN TRUE STEREO WITH NO DUOPHONIC TRACKS.
The stereo mixes of the songs: "I'm Only Sleeping"; "And Your Bird Can Sing"; and "Dr. Robert" are all *unique* earlier mixes NOT ON THE BRITISH STEREO REVOLVER.

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The SIBILANCE on this, 3 3/4ips dubbing of Rubber Soul is unbearable to listen to in places. Also: the cost-cutting acetate-base tape stock used for these "brown box" Capitol reels IS REALLY FRAGILE by this point and, not worth the investment risk.
Instead: go for the 7 1/2ips Ampex Rubber Soul on a single reel from 1970. It'll cost a little more (as people *know* what it IS), but it will be the best "audiophile" example of the Capitol version better than the one in the 2006 cd longbox remaster.

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Produced by Kate Bush and this is her fourth studio album and recorded over two years and released on the 13/09/1982 and reached no.3 in the UK album charts and on Track B1 features Rolf Harris on the digeridoo and Percy Edwards doing the bird impressions,while Kate Bush doing the Australian accent throughout.I think this is is a great album so far before returning with the Hounds of Love in 1985.

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Another New Order cassette box set bought in Woolworth's in Chippenham, in 1987. I can't remember how much it cost but I seem to recall that I was pretty narked to pay a hefty wodge of my hard-earned apprentice cash for this costly box.

The actual tape of Tape 2 proved to be extremely thin - there was always a point where I could hear the tape beginning to chew up, so I would always stop it just before.

The tapes are chrome, recorded in non-Dolby. The sound is bassy, but kind of flat. The packaging is limited (1 inner) compared to the Low-Life boxed cassette (1 vellum inner, 4 postcards). But hey - that's Factory Records' minimalist packaging fetish for ya ;-)

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According to Wikipedia:
"While Substance presents a sizeable collection of singles, there are many omissions and differences to be found from the original single releases:

"Temptation" and "Confusion" were re-recorded in 1987 especially for Substance and none of the original versions appear [states this on the inner].

"Ceremony" is the version recorded after Gillian Gilbert joined the band. The original trio version – the first New Order recording following the dissolution of Joy Division — would not be re-released until the Singles collection in 2005 and the re-release of Movement in 2008.

"Sub-culture", "Shellshock" and "Hurt" are all edited down from their original 12" recordings[doesn't say this on the inner - it says they're all the 12" versions].

"Cries and Whispers" is incorrectly labelled as "Mesh" on all versions, and only on the cassette version does the original "Mesh" actually appear, itself mistitled as "Cries and Whispers" (to add to the confusion, the iTunes Store release, based from the CD version, labels the "Cries and Whispers" as "Mesh (Cries and Whispers)").

"Sub-culture" is mistitled "Subculture", and "The Perfect Kiss" is mistitled "Perfect Kiss".

The standard tape version, due to the extra space befitting the format, also contains extra tracks in the form of "Dub-vulture", "Shellshock", and "Bizarre Dub Triangle", as well as the actual "Mesh".

Only on the limited edition cassette version does "True Dub" appear, as the last track on the second tape. On all cassette versions, "Murder" is after "Thieves Like Us" on the first cassette, whereas on the CD/DAT versions it appears on the second half of the album."

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I have no idea if this box set is the "limited edition" with the extra "True Dub" track as Wiki states (as mentioned above - I was a too scared to play Cassette 2 for fear of chewing the thin tape).

It may be the limited edition Wiki refers to, because I remember a standard double-cassette version in a regular plastic "double-cassette" box in the stores at the same time...

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