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Various Artists - Concert Tour Programme Wembley Stadium   Comment by kab2112 SUBS

RIP Dave Crosby. He was excellent at harmonising with other singers, especially Graham Nash. They were great buddies for years, but sadly had a big falling out. He was excellent here with CSNY.

Cliff Richard - Willie And The Hand Jive   Comment by SvendHenrik00

Front of Sheet Music regarding "Willie And The Hand Jive" recorded by Cliff Richard & The Shadows on Columbia Records added.

The Beatles - Hand Operated Flexi Disc   Comment by 23skidoo

Has this also been indexed with 45cat?

Davy Graham - Anji   Comment by Redpunk

Added alternate front of sheet.

Various Artists - 20 Page Booklet Hollywood Music Festival   Comment by kab2112 SUBS

Many of these festival programmes from this era fetch some nice prices these days

Various Artists - Campbell Connelly's 44th Song And Dance Album   Comment by make1968

Looking at the contents and the dates for the songs' 1st release dates in the U.K., I believe this would have been published in 1960. I purchased the album due to one Gene Vincent song (Be-Bop Boogie Boy), dating from January 1959.

Teresa Brewer - Ol' Man Mose   Comment by George Slv

Released in 1949 in US. When she performed it on Ed Sullivan in 1950 he said she had "made history" with this recording. I would sure like to know what that meant.

The Beatles - Hand Operated Flexi Disc   Comment by TheDroid

That is pretty cool.

Elvis Presley - A Big Hunk O'Love   Comment by SvendHenrik00

Added Front of Sheet Music regarding "A BIG HUNK O'LOVE" recorded by Elvis Presley on RCA Victor.

Various Artists - HMV Catalogue No 2   Comment by scrough

Sorry Robert, but this edition of the No 2 catalogue is definitely 1924. The No 2 catalogue was published annually for around a decade until it was reintroduced into the annual catalogue, so which ever one you are looking at with 1930 dates in it is a later edition. And there is no such thing as a No 1 catalogue.

Cliff Richard - The Twelfth Of Never   Comment by SvendHenrik00

Added Front of Sheet Music regarding "THE TWELFTH OF NEVER" recorded by Cliff Richard on Columbia Records.

Cliff Richard - When Two Worlds Drift Apart   Comment by SvendHenrik00

Added Front of Sheet Music regarding "WHEN TWO WORLDS DRIFT APART" recorded on EMI by Cliff Richard.

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