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Elite (BBC Micro / Electron, 1984)   Comment by albert

I loved Elite, there was so much packed into the game that you could easily spend hours and not get bored. Docking took a little bit of practice but once you mastered the skill then it really was quite easy and you could dock quite quickly, [and if I remember correctly there may have been an upgrade for auto-docking that you purchased during your intergalactic trading]. Anyway that was the thing, you...

Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust (DOS PC, 2009)   Comment by Quad5point1

Wikipedia Article

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude (Playstation 2, 2004)   Comment by Quad5point1

Just checked over on Wikipedia and this one is the last before the takeover by Codemasters. I have the next in the series which is Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust [2009] and it's Codemasters. Boy there's just so many names you wouldn't know for sure what's what

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude (Playstation 2, 2004)   Comment by alexlincs

I could be wrong, but I think Sierra is the producer; I know they have published loads of games, but I think this came out after the takeover. Disc says published by Vivendi.

Softporn Adventure (Apple II, 1981)   Comment by Quad5point1

Nod to original vhs1977, larger images found online

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude (Playstation 2, 2004)   Comment by Quad5point1

Shouldn't the publisher for this game be Sierra. That's the company who first released the Leisure Suit Larry franchise and their name is still prominent on the disc itself. I just added Leisure Suit Larry: Love For Sail which was number 7 in the series and it's Sierra

Softporn Adventure (Apple II, 1981)   Comment by alexlincs

For those that don't know, this was the prototype for Leisure Suit Larry.

Triple Decker 5 (BBC Micro / Electron, 1987)   Comment by Quad5point1

Skramble [YouTube Video] Karate Warrior

Triple Decker 10 (BBC Micro / Electron, 1987)   Comment by Quad5point1

Money Maze [YouTube Video] Bunny Blitz [YouTube Video]

Triple Decker 6 (BBC Micro / Electron, 1987)   Comment by Quad5point1

Cavern Capers [YouTube Video] Snap Dragon [YouTube Video] Castle Of Sand [YouTube Video]

Space Hi-way (BBC Micro / Electron, 1983)   Comment by Quad5point1

Nod to Folker, I added Inner Right Box Flap + Program Cassette out of the case

Bloodborne (Playstation 4, 2015)   Comment by Redpunk

Added more case, insert and disc scans.

Anima: Gate Of Memories (Playstation 4, 2016)   Comment by Redpunk

Soundtrack CD posted here https://www.45worlds.com/cdalbum/cd/nc479225eu

Jersey Devil (Playstation 1, 1999)   Comment by Redpunk

Added more scans.

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