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Plane   Comment by zabadak

Review: Independent review (with trailer) :read:

Everything Everywhere All At Once   Comment by zabadak

Review: Independent review :read:

Empire Of Light   Comment by zabadak

Trailer :happy: [YouTube Video]

Empire Of Light   Comment by zabadak

Review: City AM review :read:

The Ghost Of Sierra De Cobre   Comment by zabadak

Very beautifully filmed in black and white but a mess overall, probably due to its gestation as a TV pilot, stretched to film length when the proposed series fell through. Frustrating as there is obvious potential there. Maybe due a remake, as it is not well-known? :happy:

Somewhere In Dreamland   Comment by alexlincs

Massive upgrade to title screen from new streaming version

Babylon    Comment by alexlincs

Review: This review will be uploaded to Imdb and contains spoilers Babylon (obvious nod to scandal book Hollywood Babylon) is a very (post)modern take on old Hollywood. Lavished with profanity, many gross-out scenes and occasional moments of beauty. It's an uneven mix of style over...

Reno-Brødrene   Comment by SvendHenrik00

Danish Movie Program Booklets from 1958 [from the Premiere in Denmark] & 1966 [from the Re-Premiere in Denmark] added.

M3GAN   Comment by zabadak

Review: WhyNow review :read:

Tár   Comment by zabadak

Review: WhyNow review :read:

The Fabelmans   Comment by zabadak

Review: Independent review :read:

The Banshees Of Inisherin   Comment by zabadak

Review: Independent review :read:

Babylon    Comment by zabadak

WhyNow review :read:

The Tingler   Comment by zabadak

Yeah, not bad. Terrible acting and effects but the idea was amusing! :happy:

Barken Margrethe Af Danmark   Comment by SvendHenrik00

Movie Posters, Movie Program Booklets, Movie Exhibition Photos plus Press Photo from the Movie Premiere at the "KINO" Cinema in Odense on 20 September 1934 added.

Der Letzte Ritt Nach Santa Cruz   Comment by Dr Doom SUBS

Ace theme song [YouTube Video]

Tár   Comment by zabadak

Review: Guardian review :read:

Till   Comment by zabadak

Review: WhyNow review :read:

Rumble Fish   Comment by Magic Marmalade

Review: Hyper stylised, stark, black and white fever dream. One I have gone through life thinking I'd seen but turns out, I hadn't! This is a very odd film. Not massively long, or epic really, which is surprising, given that this is essentially an art-house movie by Francis Ford...

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