Author:A. Merritt
Title:The Fox Woman
Publisher:  Avon
Genre:Fiction, Fantasy
Total Editions:2
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Comments and Reviews
24th Jan 2023
 ISBN removed ... Hancer's Price Guide has Avon 214 listed as a first edition of this "complete collection of novelettes and short stories", and it is a 'normal'-sized MMPB.

Wikipedia has a listing of the individual stories.

24th Jan 2023
 and the isbn entered does not in fact identify this book, but ''the siege of silent henry'' by lynn hall: it does appear, erroneously, in the indica of the completely different - and much later - 1977 mmpb of approximately this title, whose correct isbn is printed on the 8/1977 mmpb's spine; a completely different cat# is borne on the front cover, as was that book's publisher's customary practice in the late 70s.

this entry is at best a chimera made up of parts of three different books, and should be deleted.

24th Jan 2023
 a 1949 possibly digest format p/b - or an mmpb - or a trade p/b - or any edition book - with an isbn?

- ''shurely shone mistake!'' - ™ whistling bill deedes.

7th Jul 2022

the fox woman (novelette) a. merritt, hannes bok, as by a. merritt, in ''the fox woman and the blue pagoda'' (the latter is by bok alone) (new collectors group 1946)
the people of the pit (short story) all story weekly 5/1/1918, amazing vol.1 #12, 3/1927
through the dragon glass (ss) all story weekly 24/11/1917, as chapbook: the arra printers (u.s.a. 1932)
the drone (ss) fantasy magazine 9/1934 (aka ''the drone man'' in thrilling wonder stories vol.8 #1, 8/1936)
the last poet and the robots (ss) fantasy magazine 4/1934
three lines of old french (ss) all story weekly 9/8/1919, as chapbook: bizarre (u.s.a. 1937)
the white road (ss) (apparently original to this collection, avon #214, 1949)
when old gods wake (ss) avon fantasy reader #7, 9/1948 according to donald h. tuck
the women of the wood (ntte) as ''the woman of the wood'' weird tales vol. viii #2, 8/1926, cover art story; with three b+w illustrations, also by c. barker petrie, jr.
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

7th Jul 2022
 avon books mmpb correctly declared first avon (books) printing in the indica

reprint collection of seven short stories (one apparently original) and two novelettes

cover art by ken barr (signed, uncredited)
cover price $1.50
208pp. (check) including titles, indica, table-of-contents etc, end pp. advertising
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

27th May 2022
 isbn currently^W entered by o.p. in isbn10 field is^W was wrong and should^W has been deleted

(it is as given in the indica but belongs to a completely different book. lccn given there is also incorrect.)

the correct isbn is as given on the spine of this mmpb.

edit: and is now entered in the isbn10 field above.°

(° - it dies not include the cat# as any part of it, which is correct for avon books mmpbs of this era)
(this comment is from another edition of this book)

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Other Editions


A. Merritt - The Fox Woman & Other Stories - Avon - Paperback - USA - 0380017091 (1977)

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