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Author:Brian Epstein
Title:A Cellarful Of Noise
Subtitle:The Story Of The Man Who Made The Beatles
Publisher:  Souvenir Press
Date:30 Nov 2021
Genre:Non-Fiction, Music, Biography
ISBN13 / Barcode: 9781800811188
Total Editions:7
First Published:  1964
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160 pages. Book dimensions: ‎12.8 cms x 2 cms x 19 cms.

With a new introduction by Craig Brown.

From the publisher's website (www link as at 5 December 2021):

The iconic life story of Brian Epstein, the 'Fifth Beatle', in his own words - and inevitably the story of the making of the Beatles.

Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison may have fronted the Beatles, but behind the stage stood their remarkable manager, Brian Epstein, who took them from a small Liverpool club band to global fame and fortune.

Within two years of making their first record, they were the biggest group in the world. What was the secret of his management of the Beatles? How did one man lead a group of rather untidy lads from Liverpool to shake the world of popular music forever? Brian Epstein tells the story of the Beatles' meteoric rise, from the dingy basement club where he first saw them play to New York's Carnegie Hall... and beyond.

A Cellarful of Noise is the account of Brian Epstein's extraordinary life: a memoir of a life made in music, and an iconic record of the origins of the Fab Four by the man known as the 'Fifth Beatle'. With a brilliant new introduction by award-winning author Craig Brown (One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time), and featuring over 30 contemporary photographs that offer a glimpse of Brian and the Beatles on their way to phenomenal success, A Cellarful of Noise is essential reading for every Beatles fan.

RRP: £9.99.


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Brian Epstein - A Cellarful Of Noise - Souvenir Press - Hardcover - UK (1964)

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