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Artist:Glenn Miller
Label:  His Master's Voice
Date:Jun 1940
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Price Guide:$27
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AGlenn MillerTuxedo JunctionJohnson, Dash, Hawkins10.0  Rate
BGlenn MillerDanny Boy (Londonderry Air)Weatherly, Arr. MacGregor, MillerRate


And His Orchestra

A side (mx. OA.046786, take 2A) recorded New York, NY, February 5, 1940.
B side (mx. OA.046787, take 1) recorded New York, NY, February 5, 1940.


Comments and Reviews
22nd Jan 2023
 Added N label scan with Side A Music Publisher logos in changed order.

15th Jan 2023
 Moved ST scan up

15th Jan 2023
 Added ST label scan.

25th Mar 2022
 Sorry that 78 was a duplicate and is long gone but if it had a different code from what is already here I would have added it so it would have been TT.

25th Mar 2022
 Redpunk, could you please also upload the B side of image 2487294?

Rearranged labels chronologically with the help of http://early78s.uk/hmv-record-labels-on-the-b-series-1912-1958/ and http://www.78rpm.net.nz/mechcopy/mech7.htm

16th Dec 2020
 Added side A label with Music Publisher logs in changed order.

Problem Child
1st Nov 2017
 Just to say, my copy of this, which is the same as soultwinz, has the 'TT' tax code (;- 13th April 1943), but there appears top be a 'D' (;-15th April 1942) above the first 'T' which has been crossed out with an 'X'. This also happens on my copy of 'American Patrol'.
Can I presume, as the 'TT' tax code lasted until 10th April '46, that mine is an original 1943 - 46 copy going by the tax codes?

25th Dec 2014
 Earlier label variation image added

13th Feb 2014
 indeed...1947/8 pressing :)

16th Oct 2013
 This record cat# was first rel. in 1940.
Looking behind the stamp, it looks like it would be sold all over Europe acc. to the right holders.
White stamp with black print is the 1942 version.
The 1948 version was mauve with white lettering.
There seems to never have been a tax code with only the letter N.
Apr 15th 1953 Purchase Tax NT white / red print (if stamp).

3rd Oct 2013
 Added images (21384 and 21385) that are variations of the perimeter copyright notice and 'Made in England' in italics. These also have a DT tax stencil which I think makes them earlier than VinylSid's original images which look to have an N tax stencil. Not sure if my pressings are 1942 'DT' or 1948 'DT' though

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