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Artist:Glenn Miller
Label:  Bluebird
Date:23 Feb 1940
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AGlenn MillerTuxedo JunctionJohnson, Dash, Hawkins10.0  Rate
BGlenn MillerDanny Boy (Londonderry Air)Fred E. Weatherly, Arr. J.C. McGregor, Glenn MillerRate


Glenn Miller And His Orchestra
Recorded February 5, 1940


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30th Jun 2019
 Inianapolis pressing label images added.

31st Aug 2017
 Label variant images added.

9th Jan 2015
 The original February 5, 1940 studio recording, Bluebird B-10612 (gold label) 046786-1, Take1.

Take 2 (046786-2) from the February 5. 1940 recording session also was issued under the same catalog number on the Bluebird silver label variation.

Other Take 2 issues included:

Victor 20-1552 (Victor P-146)
Victor 20-1565 (Victor P-148)
Victor 20-1754
Victor 27-0085 (Victor WPT-12)
Victor 420-0047
Victor 83035


26th Feb 2014
 And here's Glenn Miller's best-selling cover version, in an arrangement with slowed down tempo and added trumpet fanfares:

Something more about it from John Flower's Moonlight Serenade book:
[Pianist] Chummy MacGregor ... stated that when the Miller band was at the Savoy (December 24, 1939) along with the Erskine Hawkins Orchestra it picked up the arrangement of Tuxedo Junction. It was a different arrangement from the final Miller product. Hal McIntyre got a lead sheet from one of Hawkins’ sax men. Jerry Gray wrote it up and at a rehearsal the band added brass figures, plungers and pedal note pauses for the trombones and the build up at the finish.

26th Feb 2014
 Here's the original version, featuring the trumpet of bandleader and co-author Erskine Hawkins, who earned the nickname as “the Twentieth Century’s Gabriel” through his flamboyant playing style and ability to hit high notes:

From Jazz.com:
Hawkins's signature tune, "Tuxedo Junction," was actually co-authored with other band members, trumpeter Sammy Lowe, pianist Avery Parrish and it was arranged by saxophonist William "Buddy" Johnson and Julian Dash. The song was based on a riff used to signal when the next band needed to get ready to play.

"Tuxedo Junction" sold like hotcakes, and was a high-water mark for the mass popularity of African-American bands in the Swing Era. But the tune was soon rerecorded by the all-white Glenn Miller Orchestra in a slower, and to some jazz purists an inferior, version. Miller's rendition climbed to the top of the charts in 1940 and remained a banner tune for his band throughout the War.

24th Feb 2014
 "Tuxedo Junction", covered from co-author Erskine Hawkins' definitive original version of the year before, became one of the top records of 1940 (released some months before the start of Billboard's official top 10 best-selling records charts, but a national #1 hit according to Joel Whitburn's evaluation).

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