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Successor to Victor and associated labels
  USA  2391
  Canada  367
  Brazil  24
  Argentina  21
  Mexico  19
  Philippines  6
  Uruguay  6
  India  3
  Chile  2
  Colombia  1
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Victor Band

A1: Ribbon Dance
B1: Crested Hen
B2: Green Sleeves
RCA Victor USA21619192810"1  
Paul Whiteman

A1: I'm Sorry Dear
A2: Old Playmate
A3: Good Night Sweetheart
RCA Victor USAL 16002193210"3 $122
Jack Hylton

A1: Goodnight, Sweetheart
A2: My Sunshine Is You
RCA Victor USAL 16003193210"0 $51
Duke Ellington

A1: East St. Louis Toddle
A2: Lot O' Fingers
A3: Black And Tan Fantasy
RCA Victor USAL 16007193210"0 $250
Gus Arnheim

A1: Missouri Waltz
A2: Down By The Old Mill Stream
A3: That Naughty Waltz
RCA Victor USAL 16011193210"0  
Enrico Caruso

A: A Granada
B: Noche Feliz
RCA Victor USA17-50011933Picture Disc0 $250
Paul Whiteman

A: A Tabloid Version Of As Thousands Cheer
B: A Tabloid Version Of "Let 'em Eat Cake"
RCA Victor USA390031933Picture Disc1010.0$283
Jan Garber

A: All I Do Is Dream Of You
B: Grandfather's Clock
RCA Victor USA2462923 May 193410"0  
Leopold Stokowski And The Philadelphia Orchestra

A: Local Boys Make Good
B: Pension Fund Notes
RCA Victor USACS 983503 Dec 193512"0  
Tommy Dorsey

A: Stop, Look And Listen
B: Beale Street Blues
RCA Victor USA362071 Sep 193712"0 $20
Santiago Almeida And Narciso Martinez

A: Blonda Charlie (Blond Charlie)
B: Dina Bla Ogon (Your Blue Eyes)
RCA Victor USA26-0033193810"0  
Silver Bell Orchestra

A: Dark Forest Polka
B: Unita Polka
RCA Victor USA25-1017193910"0  
Wayne King

A: Alice Blue Gown
B: Irene
RCA Victor USA2653215 Mar 194010"0  
Dick Leibert

A: Star Dust
B: When You're Heart's On Fire Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
RCA Victor USA26712Oct 194010"0  
Dick Leibert

A: Indian Love Call
B: You Were A Dream
RCA Victor USA26714Oct 194010"0  
Victor Symphony Orchestra

The Heart Of The Symphony

A: Symphony No. 5, In C Minor First Movement (Abridged Version) (Op. 67)
B: Symphony No. 8, In B Minor ("Unfinished") First Movement (Abridged Version)
C: Symphony No. 4, In F Minor Third Movement (Abridged Version) (Op. 36)
D: Symphony No. 5, In E Minor ("From The New World") Second Mov. (Abridged Version) (Op. 88)
E: Symphony No. 1, In C Minor Fourth Movement (Abridged Version) (Op. 68)
F: Symphony In D Minor Second Movement (Abridged Version)
G: Symphony No. 5, In E Minor Second Movement (Abridged Version) (Op. 64)
H: Scheherazade - Festival At Baghdad (Abridged Version) (Op. 35)
RCA Victor USAG-151941Album0 $30
Lew White (Organ)

A1: I Dream Of Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair
A2: Uncle Ned
RCA Victor USA27299Mar 194110"0  
Xavier Cugat

A: Say "Si Si" (Para Vigo Me Voy)
B: Society Conga
RCA Victor USA2748018 Jul 194110"0  
Xavier Cugat

A: Conga De Noche
B: La Paloma
RCA Victor USA2748118 Jul 194110"3  
Dick Leibert

A: Merry Widow Waltz
B: Thousand And One Nights
RCA Victor USA2752322 Aug 194110"0  
Dick Leibert

A: Emperor Waltz
B: Wine, Woman And Song
RCA Victor USA2752422 Aug 194110"0  
Wayne King

A: Melody Of Love
B: None But The Lonely Heart
RCA Victor USA277135 Dec 194110"2  
Artur Rubinstein

A: Concerto In A Minor - First Movement - Allegro - Molto -moderato (Part 1)
B: Concerto In A Minor - Third Movement - Allegro - Moderato, Molto (Concluded) Adonte Maestoso
C: Concerto In A Minor - First Movement - Allegro - Molto -moderato (Part 2)
D: Concerto In A Minor -Third Movement - Allegro - Moderato, Molto (Part 1)
E: Concerto In A Minor - Cadenza And First Movement - Allegra, Molto, Moderato (Concluded)
F: Concerto In A Minor - Second Movement - Adagio
RCA Victor USADM 9001942Album2  
David Rose

Film Favorites

A: The Continental
B: Thanks For The Memory
C: Lullaby Of Broadway
D: Over The Rainbow
E: The Way You Look Tonight
F: When You Wish Upon A Star
G: Sweet Leilani
H: The Last Time I Saw Paris
RCA Victor USAP-1361942Album1  
Montana Slim (The Yodeling Cowboy)

A: My Brown-Eyed Prairie Rose
B: I'm Hittin' The Trail
RCA Victor USA2778613 Mar 194210"0  
André Musette Orchestra

A: Stop Crying
B: Whis-Whis-Whistle
RCA Victor USAV-78714 Nov 194210"0  
Tommy Dorsey

A: None But The Lonely Heart
B: Will You Still Be Mine?
RCA Victor USA20-1576Apr 194410"0  
Tommy Dorsey

A: Oh! Look At Me Now
B: Little Man With A Candy Cigar
RCA Victor USA20-1578Jul 194410"0  
Perry Como

A: I Dream Of You (More Than You Dream I Do)
B: I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)
RCA Victor USA20-1629Jan 194510"2  
Perry Como

A: More And More
B: I Wish We Didn't Have To Say Goodnight
RCA Victor USA20-1630Mar 194510"1  
Vaughn Monroe

A: Rum And Coca-Cola
B: There! I've Said It Again
RCA Victor USA20-1637Mar 194510"1  
Tommy Dorsey

A: Any Old Time
B: The Sunny Side Of The Street
RCA Victor USA20-1648Mar 194510"3  
Spike Jones And His City Slickers

A: Chloe
B: A Serenade To A Jerk
RCA Victor USA20-1654Apr 194510"1  
Louis Armstrong

Hot Jazz

A: I Hate To Leave You Now
B: That's My Home
C: I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
D: There's A Cabin In The Pines
E: When It's Sleepy Time Down South
F: Basin Street Blues
G: Snowball
H: St. Louis Blues
RCA Victor USAH J-1Apr 1945Album1 $97
Erskine Hawkins

A: Caldonia
B: I Hope To Die If I Told A Lie
RCA Victor USA20-1659May 194510"2  
Perry Como

A: I'm Gonna Love That Gal (Like She's Never Been Loved Before)
B: If I Loved You
RCA Victor USA20-1676Jun 194510"2  
The Four Vagabonds

A: A G. I. Wish
B: If I Were You
RCA Victor USA20-1677Jul 194510"0  
Vaughn Monroe

A: Moonlight And Roses
B: It's Only A Paper Moon
RCA Victor USA20-1703Jul 194510"0  
Hal McIntyre

A: Autumn Serenade
B: Some Sunday Morning
RCA Victor USA20-1711Jul 194510"0  
Glenn Miller

A: In The Mood
B: Sunrise Serenade
RCA Victor USA20-1753Nov 194510"6 $65
Glenn Miller

A: Tuxedo Junction
B: Star Dust
RCA Victor USA20-1754Nov 194510"0 $20
Spike Jones And His City Slickers

A: The Blue Danube
B: You Always Hurt The One You Love
RCA Victor USA20-1762Nov 194510"2  
Glahé Musette Orchestra

A: Beer Barrel-Polka
B: Beer Barrel-Polka
RCA Victor USA29-5000Nov 194510"2  
Dinah Shore

A: Blues In The Night
B: Blues In The Night
RCA Victor USA44-0000Nov 194510"0  
Artie Shaw

A: Begin The Beguine
B: Begin The Beguine
RCA Victor USA44-0001Nov 194510"1  
Artie Shaw

A: Star Dust
B: Star Dust
RCA Victor USA44-0003Nov 194510"4  
Glenn Miller

A: Moonlight Serenade
B: Moonlight Serenade
RCA Victor USA44-0007Nov 194510"1 $24
Tommy Dorsey

A: Boogie Woogie
B: Boogie Woogie
RCA Victor USA44-0008Nov 194510"0  
Spike Jones And His City Slickers

Musical Depreciation

A: Musical Depreciation
RCA Victor USA1946Album0  
Boston "Pops" Orchestra

A: Roses From The South Op.388 (Part 1)
B: Roses From The South Op.388 (Concluded)
RCA Victor USA11-8986194610"0  

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