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  Australia  807
  New Zealand  435
  Sweden  417
  Netherlands  199
  Norway  181
  India  166
  Denmark  134
  France  130
  Iceland  123
  Ireland  89
  Finland  57
  South Africa  57
  Italy  45
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Caruso, Homer, Journet

A: Je Viens Celebrer La Victoire
His Master's Voice UK2-034026190412"0  
Nellie Melba

A: Home, Sweet Home
His Master's Voice UK03049190512"06.0 
Mons. Pol. Plancon

A: Le Vallon - Meditation
His Master's Voice UK032022190512"0  
Enrico Caruso

A: Serenata (Don Pasquale)
His Master's Voice UK052086190512"0 $45
Alma Gluck And Louise Homer

A: Quis Est Homo
His Master's Voice UK2-054103190512"1  
Nellie Melba

A: Come Back To Erin
His Master's Voice UKG.C.-3616190510"0  
John Harrison

A: The Messiah: Air: Every Valley Shall Be Exalted
His Master's Voice UK02074190612"0  
Adelina Patti

A: Robin Adair
His Master's Voice UK03059190612"1  
Enrico Caruso

A: Salut Demeure
His Master's Voice UK032030190612"3 $32
Enrico Caruso

A: M'apparì Tutt' Amor
His Master's Voice UK052121190612"0  
Enrico Caruso

A: Che Gelida Manina (La Boheme)
His Master's Voice UK052122190612"0 $43
Herbert Beerbohm-Tree

A: Anthony's Lament Over The Body Of Julius Caeser
His Master's Voice UK1314190610"4  
Nellie Melba

A: Auld Lang Syne
His Master's Voice UK3615190610"1  
Nellie Melba

A: Sweet Bird That Shunn'st The Noise Of Folly
His Master's Voice UK03089190712"0  
Antonio Paoli

A: Pagliacci
His Master's Voice UK052167190712"0  
Caruso, Abott, Homer, Scotti

A: Rigoletto
His Master's Voice UK054117190712"1 $32
Enrico Caruso, Melba

A: O Soave Fanciulla ("La Boheme")
His Master's Voice UK054129190712"09.0 
Mr. Harry Tate And Company

A: Fishing
His Master's Voice UKG.C.-1332Feb 190710"0  
Mr. Harry Lauder

A: Stop Your Tickling, Jock
His Master's Voice UK02089Jul 190712"27.0 
Harry Lauder

A: I Love A Lassie
His Master's Voice UK02116Aug 190712"0  
Mr. Perceval Allen And Mr. John Harrison

A: O Love Divine "Daughter Of Jainus"
His Master's Voice UK04006Aug 190712"0  
Mr. Robert Radford

A: Glorious Devon
His Master's Voice UK3-2894Oct 190710"9  
Enrico Caruso

A: "Adorables Tourments"
His Master's Voice UK032070190812"0  
Caruso And Homer

A: Ai Nostri Monti
His Master's Voice UK054198190812"0  
Caruso, Sembrich, Scotti, Journet, Severina, Daddi

A: Chi Mi Frena
His Master's Voice UK054205190812"0 $23
Enrico Caruso

A: La Donna E Mobile
His Master's Voice UK2-52641190810"18 $20
Enrico Caruso

A: Rigoletto (Questa O Quella)
His Master's Voice UK2-52642190810"0  
Mr. John Harrison

A: Two Eyes Of Grey
His Master's Voice UK3-2941190810"0  
Evan Williams

A: Mary Of Argyle
His Master's Voice UK5-2127190810"0  
The Black Diamonds

A: Selection Of Moore's Irish Melodies
His Master's Voice UKG.C.-2-273190810"0  
Mr. Frank Stafford

A: The Mocking Bird
His Master's Voice UKG.C.-743190810"0  
John Harrison And Robert Radford

A: Be Mine The Delight
His Master's Voice UK04019Mar 190812"0  
Messrs. John Harrison And Robert Radford

A: Larboard Watch
His Master's Voice UK4453Apr 190810"0  
Evan Williams

A: Walther's Prize Song "Meistersinger"
His Master's Voice UK02164Jul 190812"0  
Mr. John Harrison

A: A Song Of Sleep
His Master's Voice UK02223190912"0  
Mr. Harry Lauder

A: Breakfast In Bed
His Master's Voice UK02282190912"0  
Mr. Peter Dawson

A: Anchored
His Master's Voice UK02393190912"0  
Melba And Kubelik

A: Ave Maria
His Master's Voice UK03033190912"0  
Ernestine Schumann-Heink

A: St. Paul (But The Lord Is Mindful Of His Own)
His Master's Voice UK03175190912"0  
Hern Anton Van Rooy

Excerpt From "Rheingold"

A: Wotan's Greeting
His Master's Voice UK042168190912"0  
Caruso And Farrar

A: Madama Butterfly (O Quanti Acchi Fisi - Finale Act 1)
His Master's Voice UK054201190912"0  
Enrico Caruso

A: Air De La Fleur (Flower Song)
His Master's Voice UK2-032000190912"0  
Geraldine Farrar And Antonio Scotti

A: Contes D'Hoffman-Barcarole (Oh, Night Of Love)
His Master's Voice UK7-34000190910"1  
Enrico Caruso

A: Tosca (E Lucevan Le Stelle)
His Master's Voice UK7-52002190910"3  
Mr. Evan Williams

La Bohème

A: Rudolph's Narrative "Your Tiny Hands"
His Master's Voice UK02183Jul 190912"0  
Madame Kirkby Lunn

A: Three Fishers Went Sailing
His Master's Voice UK03142Aug 190912"0  
Madame Clara Butt

A: The Little Silver Ring
His Master's Voice UK03156Nov 190912"2  
Madame Clara Butt

A: The Promise Of Life
His Master's Voice UK03157Nov 190912"0  
Teodoro Chaliapin

A: Arise, Red Sun
His Master's Voice UK022187191012"310.0 
Mr. John McCormack

A: Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
His Master's Voice UK02245191012"0  

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