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Sherman Hayes

A: Say No More
B: Chi Baba Chi Baba
Aristocrat USA101May 194710"0  
Sherman Hayes

A: The Better To Love You
B: You Don't Learn That In School
Aristocrat USA102May 194710"0  
Sherman Hayes

A: Cuddle Up A Little Closer
B: 12th Street Rag
Aristocrat USA103May 194710"0  
Sherman Hayes

A: Get On The Ball Paul
B: No Greater Love
Aristocrat USA104Jun 194710"0  
5 Blazes

A: Chicago Boogie
B: Dedicated To You
Aristocrat USA201Jun 194710"06.0 
5 Blazes

A: All My Geets Are Gone
B: Every Little Dream
Aristocrat USA202Jun 194710"09.0 
George Davis Quartet

A: Jubilee
B: I Only Have Eyes For You
Aristocrat USA301Jul 194710"0  
George Davis Quartet

A: I Cover The Water Front
B: What´s The Use Of Wondrin´
Aristocrat USA302Aug 194710"0  
Jump Jackson

A: Sweet Thing
B: Not Now Baby
Aristocrat USA401Sep 194710"0  
Lee Monti's Tu Tones

A: Mickey
B: My Little Girl
Aristocrat USA501Sep 194710"0  
Jump Jackson

A: Hey Pretty Mama
B: The Greatest Mistake
Aristocrat USA402Nov 194710"05.0$40
Lee Monti's Tu Tones

A: Don't Take Me Home
B: Hindustan
Aristocrat USA502Nov 194710"0  
Tom Archia And His All Stars

A: Mean And Evil Baby
B: Fishin' Pole
Aristocrat USA601Nov 194710"0 $20
Hollywood Tri Tones

A: Christmas Kiss
B: Exactly Like You
Aristocrat USA701Nov 194710"0  
Tom Archia And His All Stars

A: Love Me
B: Drinkin' Blues
Aristocrat USA801Nov 194710"0 $27
Clarence Samuels

A: Boogie Woogie Blues
B: Lolly Pop Mama
Aristocrat USA1001Dec 194710"07.0$60
Andrew Tibbs

A: Bilbo Is Dead
B: Union Man Blues
Aristocrat USA1101Dec 194710"28.0 
Prince Cooper Trio

A: Night Fall
B: It's A Hit Baby
Aristocrat USA1201Dec 194710"0  
Lee Monti's Tu Tones

A: Tinker Polka
B: Pennsylvania Polka
Aristocrat USA503Dec 194710"0  
Lee Monti's Tu Tones

A: Clarinet Polka
B: Helena Polka
Aristocrat USA504Dec 194710"1  
Seven Melody Men

A: Rockin' Lord
B: Nobody Knows-Nobody Cares
Aristocrat USA901Dec 194710"0  
Prince Cooper Trio

A: My Fate
B: Throw It Out Your Mind
Aristocrat USA1202Jan 194810"0  
Lee Monti's Tu Tones

A: Wabash Blues
B: Have You Ever Been Lonely?
Aristocrat USA505Jan 194810"0  
Lee Monti's Tu Tones

A: I Still Get A Thrill (Thinking Of You)
B: Tico-Tico
Aristocrat USA506Jan 194810"0  
Clarence Samuels

A: Coming Home Baby
B: Baseball Blues
Aristocrat USA1003Feb 194810"0 $220
Prince Cooper Trio

A: Let's Give Love A Start
B: Because Of You
Aristocrat USA1203Feb 194810"0  
Lee Monti's Tu Tones

A: Pin Up Polka
B: What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?
Aristocrat USA508Feb 194810"1  
Tom Archia And His All Stars

A: Ice Man Blues
B: Cherry
Aristocrat USA602Feb 194810"06.0 
Andrew Tibbs

A: Toothless Woman Blues
B: Drinking Ink Splint
Aristocrat USA1102Mar 194810"0  
Sunny Land Slim With Muddy Water

A: Johnson Machine Gun
B: Fly Right Little Girl
Aristocrat USA1301Mar 194810"06.0$667
Muddy Water With Sunny Land Slim

A: Gypsy Woman
B: Little Anna Mae
Aristocrat USA1302Mar 194810"06.0$404
Forrest C. Sykes

A: Tonky Boogie
B: Forrest's Got The Blues
Aristocrat USA1401Mar 194810"06.0 
Jerry Abbott

A: Just Friends
B: My Sweetie Went Away
Aristocrat USA1701Mar 194810"0  
Sax Mallard

A: Lets Love Again
B: The Mojo
Aristocrat USA2001Mar 194810"0  
Tom Archia And His All Stars

A: If I Feel Like This Tomorrow
B: Crying By My Window
Aristocrat USA802Mar 194810"0  
Duke Groner Trio

A: Dragging My Heart Around
B: Dizzy The Be Bop Man
Aristocrat USA1801Apr 194810"0  
Dick Hiorns

A: Teardrops In My Heart
B: They're Burning Down The House I Was Brung Up In
Aristocrat USA2101Apr 194810"0  
Lee Monti's Tu Tones

A: Chinatown My Chinatown
B: Dreamy Melody
Aristocrat USA509Apr 194810"0  
Sunnyland Slim With Muddy Waters

A: She Ain't Nowhere
B: My Baby, My Baby
Aristocrat USA1304May 194810"07.0$175
Tom Archia And His All Stars

A: Slumber
B: Jam For Sam
Aristocrat USA603May 194810"0  
Andrew Tibbs

A: Married Man Blues
B: I Feel Like Crying
Aristocrat USA1103Jun 194810"1  
Muddy Waters

A: I Can't Be Satisfied
B: I Feel Like Going Home
Aristocrat USA1305Jun 194810"48.3$533
Dick Hiorns

A: Cool Water
B: Tomorrow Never Comes
Aristocrat USA2102Jun 194810"0  
Seven Melody Men

A: I'm On My Way
B: Mother Pray For Me
Aristocrat USA902Jul 194810"0  
Tom Archia And His All Stars

A: Hey Tom Archia
B: Macomba Jump
Aristocrat USA604Aug 194810"0 $33
"Doc" Jo Jo Adams

A: Cabbage Head Part 1
B: Cabbage Head Part 2
Aristocrat USA803Aug 194810"0  
Duke Groner

A: I'm Glad For Your Sake
B: You Can't Be Mine
Aristocrat USA1802Sep 194810"0  
Duke Groner Trio

A: Bluebird Of Happiness
B: Lilacs In The Rain
Aristocrat USA1803Sep 194810"0  
Andy Tibbs

A: Going Down Fast
B: Same Old Story
Aristocrat USA1104Oct 194810"0  
Muddy Waters

A: Train Fare Home
B: Sittin' Here And Drinkin'
Aristocrat USA1306Oct 194810"2 $267

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