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Mr. Harry Thornton

A: True Till Death

Mr. Ernest Pike

B: Eileen Alannah
Ariel Grand Record UK263191010"0  
Mr. Horace Vernay

A: The Miner's Dream Of Home
B: Don't Go Down The Mine Dad
Ariel Grand Record UK295191010"0  
Mr. Harry Champion

A: Down Came The Blind
B: Never Let Your Braces Dangle
Ariel Grand Record UKK. 274191010"0  
Mr. Harry Champion

A: A Member Of The Force
B: Robin Redbreast
Ariel Grand Record UKK. 281191010"0  
Harry Boyd

A: Concertina Solo - Fantasia On English Airs
B: Concertina Solo - Selection Of Scottish Airs
Ariel Grand Record UK1509191110"0  
Harry Boyd

A: Hope Told A Flattering Tale
B: L'Espirit Francais
Ariel Grand Record UK1511191110"0  
"Ariel" Military Band

A: Queen Mary - Valse
B: Absent
Ariel Grand Record UK423191110"0  
Garde Republicaine

A: Poet And Peasant Overture Part I
B: Poet And Peasant Overture Part II
Ariel Grand Record UK464191110"0  
Will Terry

A: Come And Have A Drink With Me
B: Come Along Up In The Flip-Flap
Ariel Grand Record UKK. 102191110"0  
Mr. A. Taylor

A: In Cellar Cool

Mr. Fransella

B: Valse
Ariel Grand Record UKK. 229191110"0  
Mr. John Pidoux

A: The White Coons
B: Queen Of Diamonds
Ariel Grand Record UKK. 68191110"0  
Band Of H. M. Scots Guards

A: The Bells Of St. Malo

John Pidoux

B: Dinah's Wedding
Ariel Grand Record UKK. 9011191110"0  
Miss Ella Retford

A: I'm Looking For Grahame White
B: Molly Molloy
Ariel Grand Record UK1817191210"0  
Miss Ella Retford

A: She's A Lassie From Lancashire
B: Carolina Brown From Chinatown
Ariel Grand Record UK1820191210"0  
Miss Ella Retford

A: Mr. Wright You're Wrong
B: O Mister Grundy
Ariel Grand Record UK1821191210"0  
Miss Vesta Tilley

A: Jolly Good Luck To The Girl Who Loves A Soldier
B: Come And Be One Of The Midnight Sons
Ariel Grand Record UK1825191210"0  
Herbert Ainsworth

A: In The Gloaming
B: Robin Adair
Ariel Grand Record UK491191210"0  
Harry Fay

A: I Wonder If You Miss Me Sometimes

Mr Philip Maxwell

B: Beautiful Garden Of Roses
Ariel Grand Record UK568191210"0  
The Ariel Mixed Quartette

A: Christians Awake
B: Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
Ariel Grand Record UK571191210"0  
Charley Goodman

A: I'm Excited
B: I've Had Some Money Left Me
Ariel Grand Record UK583191210"1  
Fred Vernon

A: Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly
B: I Used To Sigh For The Silvery Moon
Ariel Grand Record UK603191210"0  
Mr. Billy Williams

A: Don't Go Out With Him Tonight
B: Billy's Wild Woodbines
Ariel Grand Record UK691191210"0  
Ariel Military Band

A: Onward To Victory
B: Fanfare, March
Ariel Grand Record UK1948191310"0  
Miss Gertie Gitana

A: Silver Bell
B: Nelly Dean
Ariel Grand Record UK1974191310"0  
Cattani's Dance Orchestra

A: Temptation Rag
B: Everybody's Doin' It
Ariel Grand Record UK2077191310"0  
Miss Gertie Gitana

A: Sweet Caroline
B: The Old Dutch Bonnet
Ariel Grand Record UK2085191310"0  
Mr. Ernest Pike

A: You Taught Me How To Love You

Miss Florrie Forde

B: 'Tis A Faded Picture
Ariel Grand Record UK642191310"0  
The Ariel London Orchestra

A: Hail King George
B: King Of England
Ariel Grand Record UK667191310"0  
"Ariel" Military Band

A: Maid Of The Mountains - Selection 1
B: Maid Of The Mountains - Selection 2
Ariel Grand Record UK729191310"0  
"Ariel" Military Band

A: St. Patrick - Irish Patrol
B: Dublin Boys - March
Ariel Grand Record UK738191310"0  
"Ariel" Military Band

A: Kiltie Lads
B: Regimental Marches Of Scottish Brigades
Ariel Grand Record UK741191310"0  
"Ariel" Military Band

A: Wembley Military Tattoo - Part 1
B: Wembley Military Tattoo - Part 2
Ariel Grand Record UK758191310"0  
"Ariel" Military Band

A: Wembley Military Tattoo - Part 3
B: Wembley Military Tattoo - Part 4
Ariel Grand Record UK759191310"0  
Mr. Ben Albert

A: Derby Day I
B: Derby Day II
Ariel Grand Record UK765191310"0  
Ben Albert

A: The Cook Who Cooks - Part 1
B: The Cook Who Cooks - Part 2
Ariel Grand Record UK783191310"010.0 
Cornet Soloist Of The First Life Guards

A: The Friendly Rivals
B: Stars And Stripes For Ever
Ariel Grand Record UK9051191310"0  
Mr. Harold Wilde

A: The Death Of Nelson

Sergeant Leggett

B: Mary
Ariel Grand Record UK9053191310"0  
Harry Champion

A: Brown, Brown, Sit Down
B: I'm Getting Ready For Mother-In-Law
Ariel Grand Record UK9306191310"0  
Harry Champion

A: Ginger, You're Balmy
B: Carroty
Ariel Grand Record UK9308191310"0  
Florrie Forde

A: Take Me On The Joy-wheel
B: What A Night ! What A Life !
Ariel Grand Record UK9494191310"0  
Stanley Kirkby

A: We're All Waiting For A Girl
B: Wedding Bells Are Ringing For Sammy
Ariel Grand Record UK1025191410"0  
Ariel Full Orchestra

A: Selections From Faust, Part 3
B: Selections From Faust, Part 4
Ariel Grand Record UK1028191410"0  
Roderick McLauchlan

A: It's Just Like Bein' At Hame
B: Charlie McNeil
Ariel Grand Record UK1904191410"0  
Frank Williams

A: The Miner's Dream Of Home

Stanley Kirkby

B: Don't Go Down In The Mine
Ariel Grand Record UK807191410"0  
Herbert Payne

A: Omaha

Norman Hewitt

B: From One Till Two (I Always Dream Of You)
Ariel Grand Record UK817191410"0  
Norman Hewitt

A: I Miss My Swiss ( My Swiss Miss Misses Me)

Victor Henson

B: My Radio Girl
Ariel Grand Record UK818191410"0  
Ernest Pike

A: Somewhere A Voice Is Calling
B: Down The Vale
Ariel Grand Record UK830191410"0  
Norman Hewitt

A: Granny's Song At Twilight
B: When The Gold Turns To Grey
Ariel Grand Record UK835191410"0  
Ivor Tayelor

A: I'm Calling Love For You
B: For You Alone
Ariel Grand Record UK849191410"0  
Church Choir

A: Eternal Father
B: At Even Ere The Sun Was Set
Ariel Grand Record UK860191410"0  

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