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Arthur Collins And Byron G. Harlan

A: Are You Coming Out To-Night, Mary Ann?
Aretino USAA 1006190610"0  
Arthur Collins

A: Preacher And The Bear
Aretino USAA 1033190610"0  
Elise Stevenson And Frank C. Stanley

A: The Linger Longer Girl
Aretino USAA 1060190610"0  
Arthur Collins

A: Rufus, Rastus, Johnson Brown
Aretino USAA 1085190610"0  
Imperial Band

A: Lights Out
Aretino USAA 1104190610"0  
Billy Murray

A: I'm Looking For The Man Who Wrote "The Merry Widow Waltz"
Aretino USAA 1163190710"0  
Vess L. Ossman

A: Bill Simmons Medley
Aretino USAA1186190710"0  
Imperial Concert Band

A: El Capitan
B: Over The Waves (Sobre Las Olas)
Aretino USAD 411190710"0  
[no artist listed]

A: Aretino
Aretino USAA 1195190810"0 $19
[no artist listed]

A: Rag Babe
Aretino USAA 1197190810"0 $68
Collins And Harlan

A: Bake Dat Chicken Pie

J. W. Myers

B: Fare Thee Well My Old Kentucky Home
Aretino USAD508190810"2  
Vess L. Ossman

A: Invincible Eagle March

Lufsky, Stehl And Surth

B: Herd Girl's Dream
Aretino USAD515190810"0  
Len Spencer And Cal Stewart

A: Uncle Josh At The Dentist

Columbia Quartette

B: Characteristic Negro Medley
Aretino USAD526190810"0 $45
Columbia Orchestra

A: Dixie Girl

Columbia Orchester

B: My Dream
Aretino USAD532190810"0  
Prince's Orchestra

A: Amina-(Serenade Egyptienne)

Standard Band

B: En Alta Mar
Aretino USAD576190910"0  
Samuel Siegel

A: Sugar Plum

Geo. Stehl, Marshall Lufsky And Paul Surth

B: Longing For Home
Aretino USAD577190910"0 $35
Prince's Orchestra

A: The Glow Worm
B: Black And White
Aretino USAD578190910"0 $27
Arthur Collins

A: The Preacher And The Bear

Murray, Harlan And Porter

B: At The Village Post Office
Aretino USAD608191010"0  
Stehl, Lufsky And Schuetze

A: A Bright Morning On The Alps

[no artist listed]

B: L'Arlesienne Suite
Aretino USAD754191310"0  

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