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Keray Regan

A: My Home By The Fraser
B: Cobwebs On Your Picture
Aragon CanadaAR-104194910"1  
Keray Regan

A: A Mother's Love
B: Don't Take Them Away
Aragon CanadaAR-106194910"0  
Keray Regan

A: If The Moon Would Shine
B: A Drunkard's Love
Aragon CanadaAR-107194910"1  
Keray Regan

A: Peace River Waltz
B: High Wind On The Prairie
Aragon CanadaAR-113195010"0  
Dick Thomas And His Radio Pals

A: Blue Waves Waltz
B: Jessica Waltz
Aragon CanadaAR-123195010"1  
Bob Tweedy And His Rodeo Rhythm

A: If The Moon Could Talk
B: Tears Of Shame
Aragon CanadaAR-131195010"0  
Keray Regan

A: The Good New Year
B: A Christmas Card From Heaven
Aragon CanadaAR-140195010"0  
Buddy Reynolds

A: Blue Okanagan
B: Over An Ocean Of Golden Dreams
Aragon CanadaAR-154195010"0  
Don Murphy

A: Jasper Lullaby
B: (When It's Summer) In Green Gables
Aragon CanadaAR-155195010"0  
Bob Hallett

A: Fall Guy
B: Broken Hearted
Aragon CanadaAR-157195010"0  
Vic Seibert And The Sons Of The Saddle

A: Settle Up, Or Settle Down

Gene Siebert And The Sons Of The Saddle

B: New Accordian Waltz
Aragon CanadaAR-158195010"2  
Vic Siebert

A: Settle Up Or Settle Down

Gene Siebert

B: New Accordion Waltz
Aragon CanadaAR-158195010"7  
Keray Regan

A: Picking Flowers

Karl Olson

B: Phantom Waltz
Aragon CanadaAR-170195010"0  
Buddy Reynolds

A: Valley Of The Saints

Karl Olson And Joe Morelli

B: Dream Polka
Aragon CanadaAR-176195010"0  
Stu Davis

A: Canadian Waltz
B: Child Of Divorce
Aragon CanadaAR-177195010"1  
Buddy Reynolds

A: Make-Believe Castle (At The End Of My Rainbow)
B: The Blue Canadian Rockies
Aragon CanadaAR-179195010"0  
Donn Reynolds

A: If I'd Only See'd You
B: Blue Mountain Waltz
Aragon CanadaAR-181195010"0  
Buddy Reynolds

A: Spruce Bug
B: Little Shoes
Aragon CanadaAR-182195110"0  
Buddy Reynolds

A: (Can't You See) I Want To Be Your Valentine
B: Waltz Of The Stream
Aragon CanadaAR-184195110"0  
Keray Regan

A: Those Beautiful Big Brown Eyes
B: I Can't Wait Forever For You
Aragon CanadaAR-188195110"0  
Fern And Bob Regan

A: My Peace River Home
B: Whispering Pines
Aragon CanadaAR-190195110"0  
Vic Siebert And The Sons Of The Saddle

A: Aragon Polka
B: Delmar Waltz
Aragon CanadaAR-194195110"0  
Bob Regan

A: "U" Boogie
B: Beautiful Land, B.C.
Aragon CanadaAR-195195110"0  
Keray Regan

A: You'll Never Miss Your Daddy (Til He's Gone)
B: There's A Room Reserved In My Heart
Aragon CanadaAR-198195110"0  
Ray Little's Radio Cowboy Show

A: Elvira Polka
B: Standin' In The Rain
Aragon CanadaAR-199195110"0  
The Calgary Range Riders

A: Don't Be Blue, Linda Lou
B: Calgary Waltz
Aragon CanadaAR-201195110"0  
Bob McGill And The Hometowners

A: Happy Trails

Fred Usher And The Hometowners

B: Whispering Waves
Aragon CanadaAR-202195210"0  
Stu Davis

A: I Looked For Love
B: In Daddy's Footsteps
Aragon CanadaAR-203195210"0  
Keray Regan

A: I Don't Care If You Go A Little Further
B: Flyin' Saucers
Aragon CanadaAR-204195210"1  
The Calgary Range Riders

A: Rocky Mountain Rhythm
B: Curly Hair
Aragon CanadaAR-205195210"0  
Jimmy Morris

A: The Laughing Waters (Laughed Upon Their Way)
B: I Called Your Name
Aragon CanadaAR-206195210"0  
Stu Davis

A: Deserted

"Fiddlin'" Red Crawford

B: Black Mountain Rag
Aragon CanadaAR-207195210"0  
Buddy Reynolds

A: An Angel In Disguise
B: Golden Eagle Rag
Aragon CanadaAR-209195210"1  
Stu Davis

A: (The Fate Of The) Flying Enterprise

Karl Olson

B: Phantom Waltz
Aragon CanadaAR-210195210"0  
The Rhythm Pals

A: Powder Girl
B: My Chapel In The Pines
Aragon CanadaAR-211195210"0  
The Rhythm Pals

A: When Alberta's Sun Shines On The Rockies
B: Northern Melody
Aragon CanadaAR-212195210"0  
Hod Pharis

A: Call Of The Mountain

Ray Little's Radio Cowboy Show

B: Blue Mountain Waltz
Aragon CanadaAR-213195210"0  
Buddy Reynolds

A: Ogopogo
B: Your Love Has Changed To Jealousy
Aragon CanadaAR-215195210"1  
Keray Regan

A: I Wanna Be With You

The Joe Morelli Trio

B: Rena Polka
Aragon CanadaAR-216195210"0  
The Rhythm Pals

A: Lead Me Gently Home
B: Life In The Finland Woods
Aragon CanadaAR-217195210"0  
The Trail Riders

A: Canadian National Exhibition Special

Evan Kemp And The Trail Riders

B: Jessica Waltz
Aragon CanadaAR-218195210"0  
"Dixie Bill" Hilton And The Calgary Range Riders

A: Whispering Songs (From The Far-away Hills)

The Calgary Range Riders

B: Blue River Waltz
Aragon CanadaAR-219195210"0  
The Hometowners

A: Blue Jeans And Cowboy Boots
B: Miss Molly
Aragon CanadaAR-221195210"0  
Buddy Reynolds

A: I Was Only Foolin' (You Were Foolin' Too)
B: Centipede
Aragon CanadaAR-222195210"0  
Hod Pharis And Anne Little

A: I Heard The Bluebird Sing

The Calgary Range Riders

B: Muskoka Waltz
Aragon CanadaAR-223195210"0  
Stu Davis

A: I Went To Your Wedding
B: Why Should I Send You Flowers?
Aragon CanadaAR-224195210"0  
Evan Kemp And The Trail Riders

A: Tonight In The Twilight (I'm Thinking Of You)
B: Santa Got Stuck In The Chimney
Aragon CanadaAR-225195210"0  
Art "Tom-Tom" Grant And The 3 Chiefs

A: Grandpappy's Tomahawk

Art "Tom-Tom" Grant And His Northern Lights

B: Wedding Bells (Are Ringing In The Steeple)
Aragon CanadaAR-226195210"1  
The Rhythm Pals

A: You Don't Have To Say Words To Pray
B: Beside The Fountain
Aragon CanadaAR-227195210"0  
Sons Of The Saddle

A: I'm A Devil With The Women
B: Orange Blossom Special
Aragon CanadaAR-228195210"1  

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