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Frances Langford

A: Please Don’t Play Number Six Tonight
B: Pretty Soon
ARA USARM 111Feb 194510"0  
Stuart Hamblen

A: Whistling My Love Song To You
B: They're Gonna Kill Ya
ARA USA4001Mar 194510"0  
Bob Crosby

A: Come With Me My Honey
B: Java Junction
ARA USARM 103Mar 194510"0  
Phil Harris

A: That's What I Like About The South
B: Brazen Little Raisin
ARA USARM 104Mar 194510"6  
Hoagy Carmichael

A: No More Toujour L'Amour
B: Vine Street Parade
ARA USARM 106Mar 194510"1  
Frances Langford

A: Let Me Love You Tonight
B: More And More
ARA USARM 109Mar 194510"3  
Bob Johnston

A: Whispering
B: The Very Thought Of You
ARA USARM 117Mar 194510"3  
"Porky" Freeman Trio

A: Rum And Coca-Cola
B: Boogie Woogie On Strings
ARA USARM 118Mar 194510"2  
Smiley Burnette

A: Do You Want My Heart
B: It's My Lazy Day
ARA USA4002May 194510"2  
Smiley Burnette

A: I Hope You're Having Fun Hurting Me
B: I'm A Stranger Here Myself
ARA USA4003May 194510"16.0 
Hoagy Carmichael

A: How Little We Know
B: Hong Kong Blues
ARA USARM123May 194510"3  
Corinna Mura

A: Buenos Noches
B: Samba Le Le
ARA USA5001Sep 194510"1  
Bob Crosby

A: On The Atchison, Topeka And Santa Fe

"Porky" Freeman Trio

B: On The Night Train To Memphis
ARA USARM 114Sep 194510"2  
Hoagy Carmichael

A: Memphis In June
B: Billy-A-Dick
ARA USARM 124Sep 194510"0  
Smiley Burnette

A: Cool Water
B: Foggy, Foggy Dew
ARA USA400422 Sep 194510"0  
Phil Harris

A: The Dark Town Poker Club
B: Jelly Bean
ARA USARM 116Oct 194510"146.5 
The Town Criers

A: The Snail Song
B: Kiss Me Hello
ARA USARM 126Oct 194510"0  
Miklos Rozsa

A: Prelude
B: Spellbound Concerto
ARA USARM 4505194610"0  
Art Tatum

A: Hallelujah
B: Memories Of You
ARA USA4501Feb 194610"2 $18
Art Tatum

A: Poor Butterfly
B: Lover
ARA USA4502Feb 194610"2 $14
Art Tatum

A: Yesterdays
B: Runnin' Wild
ARA USA4503Feb 194610"2  
Art Tatum

A: Song Of The Vagabonds
B: Kerry Dance
ARA USA4504Feb 194610"2 $14
Art Tatum

A: Hallelujah
B: Memories Of You
C: Poor Butterfly
D: Lover
E: Yesterdays
F: Runnin' Wild
G: Song Of The Vagabonds
H: Kerry Dance
ARA USAA-1Feb 194610"0 $50
Earl Hines

A: Nonchalant Man
B: At The El Grotto
ARA USARM 127Feb 194610"48.5 
Hoagy Carmichael

A: Doctor Lawyer Indian Chief
B: Am I Blue
ARA USARM 128Feb 194610"0  
Bob Crosby

A: Let It Snow; Let It Snow; Let It Snow
B: In The Valley
ARA USARM 129Feb 194610"1  
Ginny Simms

A: Wait And See
B: One More Dream
ARA USARM 130Feb 194610"0  
Ginny Simms

A: Everybody Knew But Me
B: Full Moon And Empty Arms
ARA USA132Mar 194610"3  
"Porky" Freeman Trio

A: Boogie Woogie Boy
B: Tiger Rag
ARA USA133Mar 194610"2  
Phil Harris

A: One-Zy Two-Zy
B: Some Little Bug
ARA USA136Mar 194610"4  
Smiley Burnette

A: Hominy Grits
B: Ten Gallon Hat
ARA USA400511 Mar 194610"0  
Bob Crosby

A: Cement Mixer (Put-ti Put-ti)
B: Where Did You Learn To Love
ARA USA137Apr 194610"1  
Judy Canova

A: You Stole My Heart
B: It Couldn't Be True (Or Could It)
ARA USA138May 194610"1  
Ginny Simms

A: They Say It's Wonderful
B: What Could Be Sweeter
ARA USA139May 194610"0  
Bob Crosby

A: Big Fat Ma, Skinny Pa

Wingy Manone

B: General Jumped At Dawn
ARA USA143May 194610"0  
Wingy Manone

A: If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
B: Tin Roof Blues
ARA USA145Jun 194610"59.0 
Ginny Simms

A: My Melancholy Baby
B: I Live But To Love You
ARA USA146Jun 194610"0  
Jan Savitt And His Top Hatters

A: All The Time
B: I've Never Forgotten
ARA USA147Jun 194610"0  
Hoagy Carmichael

A: I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)
B: I Can't Get Started
ARA USA148Jun 194610"0  
Earl Hines

A: Margie
B: Rosetta
ARA USA149Jun 194610"1  
Page Cavanaugh Trio

A: Saipan
B: Air Mail Special
ARA USA151Jun 194610"1  
Phil Harris

A: Woodman Spare That Tree
B: Bump On-the-Head Brown
ARA USA153Jun 194610"1  
Hoagy Carmichael

A: Ole Buttermilk Sky
B: Ginger And Spice
ARA USA155Jun 194610"2  
Cass County Boys

A: See That You're Born In Texas
B: Boogie Woogie Cowboy
ARA USA4006Jun 194610"0  
Smiley Burnette

A: Peg-Leg Bandit
B: Catfish Take A Look At That Worm
ARA USA4008Jun 194610"0  
Porky Freeman Trio

A: Porky's Boogie Woogie
B: I Love You Too Much
ARA USA4009Jun 194610"0  
Earl Hines

A: Straight Life
B: Now That You're Mine
ARA USA156Jul 194610"2  
Cass County Boys

A: That's My Home
B: Silver Stars, Purple Sage, Eyes Of Blue
ARA USA4011Jul 194610"0  
Rosa Linda

A: St. Louis Blues
B: Lesson In Boogie
ARA USA4512Jul 194610"0  
Page Cavanaugh Trio

A: Fish And Chips
B: After You've Gone
ARA USA160Jun 194810"0  

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