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Campbell's Blue Notes

A: See See Rider
B: Layin' My Racket
Apollo USA351194410"0  
Campbell's Blue Notes

A: Baby Don't You Cry
B: Too Hip To Be Happy
Apollo USA352194410"0  
Coleman Hawkins

A: Woodyn' You
B: Rainbow Mist
Apollo USA751Apr 194410"4 $30
Coleman Hawkins

A: Bu-Dee-Daht
B: Yesterdays
Apollo USA752Apr 194410"5 $30
Coleman Hawkins

A: Disorder At The Border
B: Feeling Zero
Apollo USA753Apr 194410"6 $24
Wynonie "Blues" Harris

A: That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch
B: Baby Look At You
Apollo USA361194510"2 $24
Sir Charles And His All Stars

A: 20th Century Blues
B: The Street Beat
Apollo USA759194510"0  
Betty Roche With Earl Hines And Sextet

A: I Love My Lovin' Lover

Earl Hines Sextet

B: Life With Fatha'
Apollo USA356Apr 194510"2  
Georgie Auld

A: Concerto For Tenor
B: Taps Miller
Apollo USA359Apr 194510"2  
Auld - Hawkins - Webster Saxtet

A: Pick-Up Boys
B: Porgy
Apollo USA754Apr 194510"2 $23
Sonny Greer And His Rextet

A: Sleepy Baboon
B: Kansas City Caboose
Apollo USA354Jun 194510"3  
Sonny Greer And His Rextet

A: Ration Stomp
B: Helena's Dream
Apollo USA355Jul 194510"3  
Wynonie "Blues" Harris

A: Somebody Changed The Lock On My Door
B: Wynonie's Blues
Apollo USA362Oct 194510"3 $24
Willie Bryant With The Tab Smith Septette

A: Blues Around The Clock (Part 1)
B: Blues Around The Clock (Part 2)
Apollo USA364Nov 194510"1  
Cee Pee Johnson

A: The "G" Man Got The "T" Man
B: I'm So Lonesome
Apollo USA1005194610"2  
Eddie "Rochester" Anderson

A: Bagel And Lox
B: Eighty-Six
Apollo USA1018194610"0 $24
The Smoothies

A: Margie
B: How Ashamed I Was
Apollo USA1024194610"0  
Sax Kari

A: I'll Never Leave You Baby
B: Thursday Blues
Apollo USA397194610"0  
Illinois Jacquet And His All Stars

A: Memories Of You
B: Merle's Mood
Apollo USA760194610"0 $27
Illinois Jacquet And His All Stars

A: Ghost Of A Chance
B: Bottoms Up
Apollo USA756Jan 194610"3 $25
Duke Of Iron And His Calypso Troubadors

A: Out The Fire
B: Pam – Palam
Apollo USA102Feb 194610"1  
Wynonie "Blues" Harris

A: She's Gone With The Wind
B: Here Comes The Blues
Apollo USA363Feb 194610"3 $50
Rabon Tarrant With Jack McVea And His All Stars

A: Naggin' Woman Blues
B: I Live True To You
Apollo USA365Feb 194610"2  
Rabon Tarrant With Jack McVea And His All Stars

A: Listen Baby Blues
B: We're Together Again
Apollo USA366Feb 194610"2  
Sir Charles And His All Stars

A: Takin' Off
B: If I Had You
Apollo USA757Feb 194610"2 $24
Curt Barrett And The Trailsmen

A: Keep Your Lovelight Burning
B: I'm On My Way Back To Oklahoma
Apollo USA105Mar 194610"0  
Duke Henderson

A: Oo' Wee Baby, Oo' Wee
B: Wiggle Wiggle Woogie
Apollo USA367Mar 194610"4  
Duke Of Iron And His Calypso Troubadors

A: Convoy
B: Calypsonian Invasion
Apollo USA106Apr 194610"2 $24
Wynonie "Blues" Harris

A: Straighten Him Out
B: Young Man's Blues
Apollo USA360Apr 194610"1  
Willie Bryant With The Tab Smith Septette

A: It's Over Because We're Through
B: Amateur Night In Harlem
Apollo USA369Apr 194610"3  
Illinois Jacquet

A: Wondering And Thinking Of You
B: What's This
Apollo USA758Apr 194610"1  
Bob Mosley

A: This Thing Called Boogie
B: B Flat Boogie
Apollo USA100125 May 194610"0  
Bob Mosley

A: Door Blow Boogie
B: Riff Raff Boogie
Apollo USA100225 May 194610"0  
Bob Mosley

A: Beggin' The Blues
B: Bobbie's Boogie
Apollo USA100325 May 194610"0  
Ray Eberle

A: Along With Me
B: In The Still Of The Night
Apollo USA1006Jun 194610"0  
Famous Georgia Peach With The Harmonaires

A: Who Is That Knocking?
B: Where The Sun Will Never Go Down
Apollo USA107Jun 194610"0  
Dinah Washington

A: My Lovin' Papa
B: Mellow Mama Blues
Apollo USA371Jun 194610"2 $34
Wynonie "Blues" Harris

A: Playful Baby
B: Papa Tree Top
Apollo USA372Jun 194610"2 $40
Luis Russell

A: Sad Lover Blues
B: The Very Thought Of You
Apollo USA1012Jul 194610"0  
The Smoothies

A: Roll Me Over
B: Blue Skies
Apollo USA1015Aug 194610"0  
Jack McVea And His All Stars

A: O-Kay For Baby
B: Don't Blame Me
Apollo USA761Aug 194610"0  
Curt Barrett And The Trailsmen

A: I Might Have Known I'd Lose Your Love
B: You'll Regret
Apollo USA109Oct 194610"0  
Luis Russell

A: Don't Take Your Love From Me
B: Sweet Memory
Apollo USA1020Nov 194610"0  
Carl Brisson

A: Nora
B: Ireland
Apollo USA1021Nov 194610"0  
Danny Barker

A: Don't You Feel My Leg
B: That Made Him Mad
Apollo USA376Nov 194610"2  
John Kirby

A: Sampson And De-Lie-Lah
B: Natchez Ball
Apollo USA762Nov 194610"0 $20
Luis Russell

A: 1280 Jive
B: I've Got A Gal (Whose Love Comes C.O.D.)
Apollo USA1022Dec 194610"0  
Ann Bond With Oklahoma Roundup Boys

A: Fireball Mail
B: Don't Hang Around Me Anymore
Apollo USA116Dec 194610"0  
Rabon Tarrant With Jack McVea And His All Stars

A: Blues This Morning
B: Opus Boogie
Apollo USA377Dec 194610"0 $30
Wynonie "Blues" Harris

A: Time To Change Your Town
B: Everybody's Boogie
Apollo USA378Dec 194610"2 $20

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