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Bennie Krueger's Orchestra

A: Sweetheart

Erdody's Hotel Pennsylvania Orchestra

B: My Cherry Blossom
Apex Canada4376Aug 192110"0  

A: Hawaiian Hotel
B: Honolulu Rag
Apex Canada4382Aug 192110"0  
Tom Ennis

A: Kildare Fancy
B: Frieze Breeches
Apex Canada4383Aug 192110"2  
Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra

A: Oh Joy!
B: Ilo (A Voice From Mummy Land)
Apex Canada4404Oct 192110"0  
Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra

A: My Sunny Tennessee

Joseph Knecht's Waldorf-Astoria Dance Orchestra

B: I Wonder If You Still Care For Me
Apex Canada4441Oct 192110"0  
Markels' Orchestra

A: All Over You
B: Suez
Apex Canada4522192210"0  
Bailey's Lucky Seven

A: Stuttering
B: Homesick
Apex Canada459192210"0  
Bailey's Lucky Seven

A: Tomorrow
B: No Wonder I'm Lonesome
Apex Canada461192210"0  
Pamby Dick

A: Love's Dreamland (La Reverie D'amour)
B: Fairy Kisses (L'accueil Feerigue)
Apex Canada4646192210"0  
Fred Russell

A: Snowdrops
B: Keep On March
Apex Canada4648192210"2  

A: Baby Face
B: Somewhere In Naples
Apex Canada4475Jan 192210"0  
Elliott Shaw

A: In The Sweet By And By

Charles Hart

B: Tell Mother I'll Be There
Apex Canada4480Jan 192210"0  
Robert Carr

A: In The Valley Where The Blue Birds Sing

Instrumental Trio

B: Norwegian Cradle Song
Apex Canada4738192310"1  
Billy Jones

A: Three O'Clock In The Morning

Ernest Hare

B: Coal Black Mammy
Apex Canada584192310"0  
The Master Players

A: Baby Blue Eyes

Baltimore Dance Orchestra

B: Burning Sands
Apex Canada8001192310"0  

A: Saw Mill River Road
B: Little Rover
Apex Canada8012192310"0  
Billy Jones And Ernest Hare

A: No One Loves You Better Than Your M-A Double M-Y.
B: I Love Me
Apex Canada8025192310"0  
Ferera And Franchini

A: Three O'clock In The Morning
B: O Sole Mio
Apex Canada8027192310"0  
The Master Players

A: Indiana Moon
B: Midnight Rose
Apex Canada8100192310"0  
Charles Harrison

A: I Love You

Vernon Dalhart

B: When The Clouds Have Vanished And Skies Are Blue
Apex Canada8122192410"0  
The Master Players

A: Mamma Loves Papa (Papa Loves Mamma)


B: Not Here, Not There (It's Fifty Miles From Nowhere)
Apex Canada8131192410"0  

A: What'll I Do
B: There's Yes, Yes In Your Eyes
Apex Canada8188192410"0  

A: After The Storm

Lucky Strike Orchestra

B: Lazy
Apex Canada8189192410"0  
Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra

A: Why Did I Kiss That Girl?

Lanin's Dance Orchestra

B: Shine
Apex Canada8208192410"1  
Missouri Jazz Band

A: Doodle-Doo-Doo

Hollywood Dance Orchestra

B: Sally Lou
Apex Canada8235192410"0  
Vernon Dalhart

A: Doodle-Doo-Doo
B: Oh You Can't Fool An Old Hoss Fly
Apex Canada8261192410"0  
Charles Harrison

A: Because They All Love You

Vernon Dalhart

B: West Of The Great Divide
Apex Canada8281192410"0  
Fletcher Henderson

A: Alabamy Bound

The Master Players

B: The Only Only One
Apex Canada8309192510"0  
Billy Jones And Ernest Hare

A: Collegiate

Arthur Hall And John Ryan

B: Yes Sir, That's My Baby
Apex Canada8374192510"0  
Vernon Dalhart

A: The Prisoner's Song
B: Wreck Of The 97
Apex Canada8428192610"5  
Al Goering

A: The Roses Brought Me You


B: Kentucky's Way Of Sayin' Good Mornin'
Apex Canada8459192610"0  
Vernon Dalhart

A: The Death Of Floyd Collins
B: Guy Massey's Farewell
Apex Canada8466192610"1  
Criterion Idle Hour Orchestra

A: Tenderly

Imperial Dance Orchestra

B: When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along
Apex Canada8506192610"0  
Vernon Dalhart

A: The Mississippi Flood
B: The Engineer's Dream
Apex Canada8611192710"0  
Vernon Dalhart

A: When The Moon Shines Down Upon The Mountains
B: When The Work's All Done This Fall
Apex Canada8673192810"0  
Vernon Dalhart

A: The Death Of Floyd Bennett

Dalhart - Robison

B: Six Feet Of Earth
Apex Canada8762192810"0  
Hobbs Brothers

A: Turkey In The Straw
B: Hell Among The Yearlings
Apex Canada8918193010"0  
Don Messer And His Islanders

A1: Souris Lighthouse
A2: Mouth Of The Tobique
B1: Favorite Polka
B2: By The Fireside
Apex Canada26220194210"0  
Charles Chamberlain With Don Messer And His Islanders

A: Goin' Back
B: The Broken Down Piano
Apex Canada26221194210"0  
Don Messer And His Islanders

A1: Big John McNeill
A2: The Dusty Miller's Reel
B1: Don Messer's Breakdown
B2: Johnny Wagoner's Breakdown
Apex Canada26222194210"2  
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: Levantines Barrel
B: Little Burnt Potato
Apex Canada26273194310"0  
The Calgary Kid (Allen Erwin)

A: My Heart Keeps On Yearning For You
B: The Dude Ranch Cowboy
Apex Canada26267194410"0  
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: Swinging To The Rhythm Of An Irish Jig
B: Valley In The Sky
Apex Canada26293194710"1  
Stripling Brothers

A: Red River Waltz
B: Moonlight Waltz
Apex Canada26294194710"0  
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: Silver And Gold Two-Step
B: Highland Hornpipe
Apex Canada26296194710"0  
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: The Dawn Waltz
B: White River Stomp
Apex Canada26286195010"0  
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: Firemens' Reel
B: St. Anne's Reel
Apex Canada26291195010"0  
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: Hill Lilly
B: Little Rubber Dollie
Apex Canada26292195010"0  
Don Messer And His Islanders

A: Belfast And Cock-O-The North
B: Operation's Reel And Ploughboy
Apex Canada26300195010"0  
Charlie Chamberlain

A: Macnamara's Band
B: It's The Same Old Shillelagh
Apex Canada26304195010"0  

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