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Label name was Philo until March 1946
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Lester Young Trio

A: Body And Soul
B: Indiana
Aladdin USAA1000Mar 194612"2  
Lester Young Trio

A: Tea For Two
B: I Can't Get Started
Aladdin USAA1001Mar 194612"2  
Illinois Jacquet And His All-Stars

A: Flying Home
B: Flying Home
Aladdin USAA101Mar 194610"1  
Illinois Jacquet And His All-Stars

A: Uptown Boogie
B: Throw It Out Your Mind, Baby
Aladdin USAA102Mar 194610"2  
Wynonie "Mr. Blues" Harris

A: Around The Clock – I
B: Around The Clock – II
Aladdin USAA103Mar 194610"1  
Wynonie "Mr. Blues" Harris

A: Cock-A-Doodle-Doo
B: Yonder Goes My Baby
Aladdin USAA104Mar 194610"0  
Helen Humes

A: Every Now And Then
B: Be-Baba-Leba
Aladdin USAA106Mar 194610"27.0 
Jay McShann

A: Confessing The Blues
B: Walking
Aladdin USAA108Mar 194610"2  
Johnny Moore's Three Blazers

A: Baby, Don't You Cry
B: Blazer's Boogie
Aladdin USAA111Mar 194610"1  
Johnny Moore's Three Blazers

A: Drifting Blues
B: Groovy
Aladdin USAA112Mar 194610"510.0 
"Cousin" Joe

A: My Love Comes Tumbling Down

Howard McGhee

B: Stardust
Aladdin USAA115Apr 194610"0  
"Cousin" Joe

A: Post-War Future Blues

Howard McGhee

B: Mop-Mop
Aladdin USAA118Apr 194610"3  
Helen Humes

A: Voo-It
B: Did You Ever Love A Man
Aladdin USAA121Apr 194610"0  
Lester Young

A: D. B. Blues
B: Lester Blows Again
Aladdin USAA123Apr 194610"3  
Lester Young

A: These Foolish Things
B: Jumpin' At Mesners'
Aladdin USAA124Apr 194610"3  
Helen Humes

A: He Don't Love Me Anymore
B: Pleasing Man Blues
Aladdin USAA125Apr 194610"0  
Helen Humes

A: It's Better To Give Than To Receive
B: See, See, Rider
Aladdin USAA126Apr 194610"1  
Lester Young

A: It's Only A Paper Moon
B: After You've Gone
Aladdin USAA127Apr 194610"2  
Lester Young

A: Lover Come Back To Me
B: Jammin' With Lester
Aladdin USAA128Apr 194610"3  
Johnny Moore's Three Blazers

A: You Are My First Love
B: Race Track Blues
Aladdin USA129May 194610"1  
Johnny Moore's Three Blazers

A: Till The Real Thing Comes Along
B: Rocks In My Bed
Aladdin USA130May 194610"0  
Jimmy Mundy

A: Bumble Boogie
B: One O'Clock Boogie
Aladdin USA131May 194610"1  
Jack LaRue

A: Ringside Boogie
B: Jammin' The Boogie
Aladdin USA136May 194610"2  
Jimmy Mundy

A: I Gotta Put You Down – I
B: I Gotta Put You Down – II
Aladdin USA132Jun 194610"2  
Jack LaRue

A: 'Specially When I'm In A Lovin' Mood
B: Dark Eyes
Aladdin USA135Jun 194610"0  
Velma Nelson

A: If I Were A Itty Bitty Girl – Part I
B: If I Were A Itty Bitty Girl – Part II
Aladdin USA139Jun 194610"1 $20
Jo-Jo Adams

A: Jo-Jo's Troubles
B: Upstairs
Aladdin USA143Jun 194610"2  
The Soul-Stirrers

A: Lord Will Make A Way
B: Steal Away
Aladdin USA2001Jun 194610"2  
The Soul-Stirrers

A: Remember Me
B: Golden Bells
Aladdin USA2002Jun 194610"3  
Bobby Ramos

A: Dormillon – Rumba
B: Bongo Bongocero – Rumba
Aladdin USA501Jun 194610"0  
Bobby Ramos

A: Walter Winchell Rumba
B: Carioca – Samba
Aladdin USA502Jun 194610"0  
Bobby Ramos

A: Maxixe Lundu – Samba
B: Sin Timbal – Rumba
Aladdin USA503Jun 194610"1  
Bobby Ramos

A: The Arthur Murray Way (Rumba)
B: Noche De Amor – Rumba
Aladdin USA504Jun 194610"0  
Bobby Ramos

A: La Rueda – Rumba
B: Tres Palabras – Rumba
Aladdin USA505Jun 194610"0  
Tex Russell And His Hollywood Cowboys

A: You Can't Break The Chains Of Love
B: Moon Over Montana
Aladdin USA506Jun 194610"1  
Tex Russell And His Hollywood Cowboys

A: You Waited A Little Too Long
B: Put Your Little Foot Right Out - Varsoviana
Aladdin USA507Jun 194610"1  
Tex Russell And His Hollywood Cowboys

A: Texas Tornado
B: What It Means To Be Blue
Aladdin USA508Jun 194610"1  
Velma Nelson

A: Love Poison
B: Pop Fly
Aladdin USA140Jul 194610"0  
Velma Nelson

A: Something's Done Gone Wrong
B: Early Morning Blues
Aladdin USA141Jul 194610"2  
Jo-Jo Adams

A: When I'm In My Tea
B: Hard-Headed Woman Blues
Aladdin USA144Jul 194610"210.0 
Mercer Ellington Octet

A: Ditty A La Dizzy
B: The Willies
Aladdin USA145Jul 194610"0  
Mary DePina With Monte Easter

A: Boogie Woogie Man
B: I Love My Man
Aladdin USA147Jul 194610"0  
Don Dunphy And Bill Corum

A: Louis-Conn Fight: Fight Highlites (Comments By Joe Louis, Etc.)
B: Louis-Conn Fight: Knockout Round (Blow By Blow Description From Ringside)
Aladdin USA150Jul 194610"0  
Effie Smith

A: Nothin' You Can Do
B: Effie's Boogie
Aladdin USA151Jul 194610"2  
Joe Maverick And His Hot Dogies

A: I Won't Be Here To Welcome You
B: Chickashay Gal
Aladdin USA509Jul 194610"0  
Lester Young

A: You're Driving Me Crazy
B: New Lester Leaps In
Aladdin USA137Aug 194610"1  
Jo-Jo Adams

A: Thursday Evening Blues
B: Disgusted
Aladdin USA142Aug 194610"0  
Effie Smith

A: Haunted By The Blues
B: What You Puttin' Down
Aladdin USA152Aug 194610"2  
Monte Easter

A: Ooh–Lawdy! Lawdy!
B: It's Heaven
Aladdin USA148Sep 194610"0  
Joe Maverick And His Hot Dogies

A: Shut That Gate
B: When Love Can't Find A Way
Aladdin USA510Sep 194610"0  

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