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Later Vocalion
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  France  1
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Original Dixieland Jazz Band

A: Ostrich Walk
B: Tiger Rag
Aeolian-Vocalion USA1206191810"0 $258
Sterling Trio

A: You're My Little Indiana Rose
B: In Old New Hampshire
Aeolian-Vocalion USA1210191810"0  
Arthur Fields

A: When The Yanks Come Marching Home

Peerless Quartet

B: Give Me The Moonlight
Aeolian-Vocalion USA1217191810"0  
Dabney's Band

A: The Jass - "Lazy Blues"
B: That's It
Aeolian-Vocalion USA1218191810"0 $120
Arthur Fields

A: Sweet Little Buttercup
B: Homeward Bound
Aeolian-Vocalion USA1236191810"0 $27
Dabney's Band

A: I'm Sorry I Made You Cry
B: Hello Central, Give Me No-Man's-Land
Aeolian-Vocalion USA36202191812"0  
Fernando Guarneri

A: Ciribiribin
B: Santa Lucia
Aeolian-Vocalion USA12001Sep 191810"1  
Dabney's Military Band

A: A Winning Fight
B: Our Sammies' March
Aeolian-Vocalion USA12004191910"0 $34
Aeolian Dance Orchestra

A: Valse Peggy
B: Smiles
Aeolian-Vocalion USA12077191910"0  
Sophie Tucker

A: Please Don't Take My Harem Away
B: Everybody Shimmies Now
Aeolian-Vocalion USA12099191910"0 $108
Dabney's Band

A: A Foxy Cure For The Blues
B: Rainy Day Blues
Aeolian-Vocalion USA12105191910"0 $34
Dabney's Novelty Band

A: I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None O' This Jelly Roll
B: Breeze (Blow My Baby Back To Me)
Aeolian-Vocalion USA12229191910"0 $125
Biese's Novelty Orchestra

A: Dardanella
B: Bo La Bo (Egyptian One Step)
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14002191910"0  
Nellie And Sara Kouns

A: Swiss Echo Song
B: My Old Kentucky Home (Carry Me Back To Old Virginny)
Aeolian-Vocalion USA22004191910"0  
Novelty Five With Al Bernard

A: Shake, Rattle And Roll

Novelty Five

B: Idol
Aeolian-Vocalion USA12124May 191910"1  
Dabney's Band

A: How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm
B: Keep Smiling
Aeolian-Vocalion USA12125May 191910"0  
Salon Dance Sextette

A: A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody
B: Wild Flowers
Aeolian-Vocalion USA12193Sep 191910"0  
Aeolian Dance Orchestra

A: Fatima
B: Down By The Meadow Brook
Aeolian-Vocalion USA12199Oct 191910"1  
Billy Murray

A: Whoa January! (You're Going To Be Worse Than July)
B: Blues (My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me)
Aeolian-Vocalion USA12215Nov 191910"0  
Dabney's Band

A: On The Streets Of Cairo
B: The Dancing Deacon
Aeolian-Vocalion USA12217Nov 191910"0 $71
Dabney's Band

A: What's Worth While Getting
B: Round The Corner
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14001192010"0 $38
Burr And Meyers

A: In The Magic Of The Moonlight

Henry Burr

B: Was There Ever A Pal Like You
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14004Jan 192010"0  
All Star Trio

A: Oh
B: Down By The Nile
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14009Feb 192010"0  
Sterling Trio

A: My Isle Of Golden Dreams

Samuel Ash

B: My Garden Of Yesterday
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14010Feb 192010"0  
Nevada Van Der Veer

A: I Love You Truly
B: A Perfect Day
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14016Feb 192010"0  
Billy Murray

A: Sahara
B: That Wonderful Kid From Madrid
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14019Feb 192010"1 $32
Nellie And Sara Kouns

A: Sing, Smile And Slumber

Nellie Kouns

B: Just A-Wearyin' For You
Aeolian-Vocalion USA24000Feb 192010"0  
Sterling Trio

A: On Your Next Birthday
B: Bye Lo
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14051Apr 192010"1  
Colin O'More And Male Trio

A: I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen

Colin O'More

B: Mary
Aeolian-Vocalion USA24004Apr 192010"0  
Samuel Ash

A: Gypsy Land

Henry Burr

B: Smile Dear
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14048May 192010"0  
Harry A. Yerkes' Dance Orchestra

A: Sudan
B: Just Like A Ray Of Sunshine
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14062May 192010"2  
Rosa Raisa

A: Norma - Casta Diva (Queen Of Heaven)
Aeolian-Vocalion USA55001May 192010"0 $20
Ferrera And Kaile

A: Hawaiian Smiles

Ferrera And Franchini

B: Wild Flower Waltz
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14055Jun 192010"0  
Frank Croxton

A: Golden Crown
B: Exhortation
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14063Jun 192010"0  
Harry A. Yerkes' Jazarimba Band

A: Syncopated Dreams
B: Dance-O-Mania
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14071Jun 192010"2  
Rosa Raisa And Giulio Crimi

A: Miserere
Aeolian-Vocalion USA55007Jul 192010"1 $33
Harry A. Yerkes' Dance Orchestra

A: A Young Man's Fancy

Harry A. Yerkes Marimba Band

B: On Miami Shore
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14077Aug 192010"1  
Aeolian Military Band

A: Commander In Chief
B: March Of The Marines
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14082Aug 192010"1  
Peerless Quartet

A: Mammy's Good-Night Lullaby
B: Swanee
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14087Aug 192010"1  
Rudy Wiedoeft

A: Saxema
B: Valse Erica
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14088Aug 192010"2  
Wiedoeft - Wadsworth Quartet

A: The Moan
B: Just Like A Gypsy
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14091Aug 192010"1  
Harry A. Yerkes' Dance Orchestra

A: Louisiana
B: Jean
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14089Sep 192010"0  
Harry A. Yerkes' Dance Orchestra

A: Whispering
B: Kismet
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14100Sep 192010"0  
Rosa Raisa

A: Eili Eili
Aeolian-Vocalion USA30101Sep 192010"0  
Ferrera And Franchini

A: Naughty Waltz
B: Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14101Oct 192010"0  
Monroe Silver

A: Cohen's New Automobile
B: The Face On The Bar-Room Floor
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14105Oct 192010"0  
Harry A. Yerkes' Dance Orchestra

A: Granada
B: Wond'ring
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14107Nov 192010"0  
Harry A. Yerkes' Dance Orchestra

A: Mystic Nile
B: Just Like The House Jack Built
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14108Nov 192010"0  
Maurice Dambois

A: Sur Le Lac
B: Elegie
Aeolian-Vocalion USA24010Nov 192010"0  
Monroe Silver

A: Cohen At The Telephone
B: Cohen, The Politician
Aeolian-Vocalion USA14114Dec 192010"0  

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