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Later became Vocalion
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  USA  79
  France  1
  Ireland  1
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Lupino Lane And Harry Roxbury

Nip And Nunky Series No. 2/4

A: On The Tram
B: The Birthday Recitation
Aeolian Vocalion UKX-9024192010"0  
The Aeolian Dance Orchestra

A: That Naughty Waltz
B: Venetian Moon
Aeolian Vocalion UKX-9027192010"0  
Maidie Scott

A: The Youngest In The Family
B: The Bird On Nellie's Hat
Aeolian Vocalion UKX-9034192010"1 $107
Shannon Four

A: Ching-A-Ling's Jazz Bazaar

Aeolian Male Quartet

B: Medley - Plantation Songs
Aeolian Vocalion UKX-9040192010"0  
Ferrera And Franchini

A: Hula Hula
B: Aloha Oe (Farewell To Thee)
Aeolian Vocalion UKX-9046192010"0  
Alder's Trio

A: Herd Girl's Dream
B: Happy Days
Aeolian Vocalion UKX-9095192010"0  
Ethel Hook

A: The Sweetest Flower That Blows
B: The Leaves And The Wind
Aeolian Vocalion UKX-9121192010"0  
Ferrera And Franchini

A: Rio Nights
B: Lalawana Lullaby
Aeolian Vocalion UKX-9122192010"0  

A: Un Bel Di
B: Explanatory Notes To This Record
Aeolian Vocalion UKA-0161192112"0  

A: Silent Night, Holy Night
B: O Rest In The Lord
Aeolian Vocalion UKA-0203192112"0  

A: Somewhere A Voice Is Calling
Aeolian Vocalion UKC-01001192112"0  
George Baker

A: Dio Possente
Aeolian Vocalion UKC-01006192112"0  
Felix Salmond

A: Le Cygne
B: Gavotte No. 2
Aeolian Vocalion UKD-02010192112"0  
Lionel Tertis

A: Allegretto
B: Londonderry Air
Aeolian Vocalion UKD-02011192112"0 $99
Lionel Tertis

A: The Question
B: The Answer
Aeolian Vocalion UKD-02012192112"0  
The London String Quartet

Quartet, Op. 64, No. 3

A: 1st Movement : Vivace Assai
B: 2nd Movement : Adagio
Aeolian Vocalion UKD-02020192112"0  
Albert Sammons

A: Introduction And Theme (To "Danse Hongroise")
B: Danse Hongroise
Aeolian Vocalion UKD-02038192112"0  
C. Warwick Evans

A: Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
B: La Serenade
Aeolian Vocalion UKD-02045192112"0  
Phyllis Allan

A: Berceuse
B: Scherzo
Aeolian Vocalion UKD-02051192112"0  
The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards

A: Overture - Semiramide
B: The Seasons - Valse, Bacchanal
Aeolian Vocalion UKJ-04005192112"0  
The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards

A: Selection - "The Mikado", Part I
B: Selection - "The Mikado", Part II
Aeolian Vocalion UKJ-04006192112"0  
The Aeolian Orchestra

A: Scene Du Bal
B: Children's Dance
Aeolian Vocalion UKJ-04014192112"0  
The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards

A: Light Cavalry
B: Marche Militaire
Aeolian Vocalion UKJ-04015192112"0  
Regent Symphony Orchestra

A: Valse Des Fleurs (Flower Waltz)
B: Sleeping Princess Waltz
Aeolian Vocalion UKK-05025192112"0  
Regent Symphony Orchestra

A: Fireflies Ballet Suite
B: Fireflies Ballet Suite
Aeolian Vocalion UKK-05031192112"0  
Norah Scott

A: Danny Boy
B: The Hills Of Donegal
Aeolian Vocalion UKX-9101192110"0  
The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards

A: Wee Macgreegor
B: Le Reve Passe
Aeolian Vocalion UKX 9133192110"0  
Ferrera And Franchini

A: Hawaiian Smiles Waltz
B: That Naughty Waltz
Aeolian Vocalion UKX-9190192110"0  
The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards

A: Irene - Part I
B: Irene - Part II
Aeolian Vocalion UKY-8004192110"2  
The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards

A: Voice Of The Guns
B: Machine Gun Guards
Aeolian Vocalion UKY-8006192110"0  
The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards

A: Berceuse
B: Charme D'Espagne
Aeolian Vocalion UKY-8008192110"1  
The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards

A: Wee Macgreegor
B: Le Rěve Passe
Aeolian Vocalion UKY-8009192110"1  
The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards

A: Britain's 'First Line'
B: The Kilties' Kourtship
Aeolian Vocalion UKY-8010192110"1  
The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards

A: Christmas Time In Merry England - Part 1 - Xmas Eve
B: Christmas Time In Merry England - Part 2 - Xmas Day
Aeolian Vocalion UKY-8014192110"0  
Caroline Hatchard

A: Se Saran Rose
Aeolian Vocalion UKC-01058192212"0  
Malcolm McEachern

A: Le Cor
B: I Am A Roamer
Aeolian Vocalion UKD-02071192212"0  
Malcolm McEachern

A: Arm, Arm, Ye Brave
B: Honour And Arms
Aeolian Vocalion UKD-02072192212"3  
The Orient Octette

A: I Might Be Your Once In A While

Riviera Dance Orchestra

B: Toddle
Aeolian Vocalion UKM-1007192210"0  
Yerkes' S. S. Flotilla Orchestra

A: Lola Lo
B: Angel Child
Aeolian Vocalion UKM-1039192210"0  
Vocalion Dance Orchestra

A: Sally
B: Shuffling Along
Aeolian Vocalion UKM-1058192210"0  
Selvin's Dance Orchestra

A: Ka-Lu-A

Bar Harbor Society Orchestra

B: Say It While Dancing
Aeolian Vocalion UKM-1070192210"0  
Sibyl Sanderson Fagan

A: The Bird And The Saxophone (Whistling Solo)

Metropolitan Dance Players

B: Bummel Petrus (Jolly Peter)
Aeolian Vocalion UKM-1078192210"1  
Criterion Male Quartette

A: De Sandman

Sydney Hamilton

B: Kentucky Babe
Aeolian Vocalion UKM-1084192210"1  
Emil Coleman's Montmartre Orchestra

A: Georgette
B: Tricks
Aeolian Vocalion UKM-1101192210"0  
Albert Sammons, Lionel Tertis And Frank St. Leger

A: Phantasy Trio, E Flat Major, Op 36, Part 1
B: Phantasy Trio, E Flat Major, Op, 36, Part 2
Aeolian Vocalion UKR-6027192210"0  
C. Warwick Evans

A: A Memory
B: O Star Of Eve
Aeolian Vocalion UKR-6062192210"0  

A: Down In The Forest
B: Mattinata
Aeolian Vocalion UKR-6088192210"0  
Lionel Tertis

A: I Love Thee
B: On The Wings Of Song
Aeolian Vocalion UKR-6096192210"1 $89
The Westminster Singers

A: Dixie
B: The Long Day Closes
Aeolian Vocalion UKX-9071192210"0  
Regent Symphony Orchestra

A: Hearts And Flowers
B: Cavelleria Rusticana
Aeolian Vocalion UKX-9097192210"0  

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