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Duane Sawyer And His Novelty Orchestra

A: Coral Sea
B: Hop, Skip And Jump
Actuelle USA020482192010"0  
Casino Dance Orchestra

A: Canadian Capers
B: South Sea Isles
Actuelle USA020619192010"0  
Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians

A: Wabash Blues

Vincent Lopez

B: Everybody Step
Actuelle USA020656192010"0  
Lewis James And Harold Wiley

A: Jesus I Come
B: Leaf By Leaf The Roses Fall
Actuelle USA022401Oct 192010"0  
Babe Ruth

A: "Babe" Ruth's Home Run Story

Duane Sawyer And His Novelty Orchestra

B: Abadele
Actuelle USA022443Oct 192010"2  
University Five

A: Margie
B: Pickanniny Rose
Actuelle USA020476Dec 192010"0  
Ernest Hare

A: Midnight Moon

Al Bernard

B: "Saint Louis Blues"
Actuelle USA022466Dec 192010"0  
Casaba Instrumental Trio

A: Fair Thee Well, Love
B: Deep In Your Eyes
Actuelle USA020673192110"0  
Jack Norworth

A: My Old New Jersey Home
B: Vamping Rose
Actuelle USA020535May 192110"1 $76
Synco Jazz Band

A: Lucky Dog Blues
B: Satanic Blues
Actuelle USA020558Jun 192110"2  
Ferera And Franchini

A: Hawaiian Chimes
B: Susquehanna Shore
Actuelle USA020609Sep 192110"0  
Lavinia Turner

A: He Took It Away From Me
B: If I Were Your Daddy (And You Were A Mamma To Me)
Actuelle USA020627Nov 192110"2 $35
DePace Brothers

A: Three O'Clock In The Morning
B: Moon River
Actuelle USA020638Nov 192110"0  
Manhattan Trio

A: To A Wild Rose
B: A Song Of India (Chanson Indoue)
Actuelle USA020713Apr 192210"0  
Joseph Samuels

A: Virginia Blues

Royale Trio

B: Little Girl
Actuelle USA020737Apr 192210"0  
Arthur Fields

A: Don't Feel Sorry For Me

Charles Hart And Elliott Shaw

B: Wake Up Little Girl You're Just Dreaming
Actuelle USA020743May 192210"1  
Ferera And Franchini

A: Mo-Na-Lu
B: Rio Nights
Actuelle USA020728Jun 192210"1  
Arthur Fields

A: California

Crescent Trio

B: You Won't Be Sorry
Actuelle USA020733Jun 192210"0  
Casino Dance Orchestra

A: Oogie Oogie Wa Wa
B: Deedle Deedle Dum
Actuelle USA020772Jun 192210"0  
Orpheus Trio

A: Medley Of Old Time Songs (Part III)
B: Medley Of Old Time Songs (Part IV)
Actuelle USA020758Jul 192210"0  
Casino Dance Orchestra

A: Coo-Coo

Nathan Glantz Dance Orchestra

B: Nobody Lied
Actuelle USA020776Jul 192210"0  
Synco Jazz Band

A: Haunting Blues

Piedmont Dance Orchestra

B: It's Up To You (J'en Ai Marre)
Actuelle USA020778Jul 192210"0  
Casino Dance Orchestra

A: Are You Playing Fair ?

Nathan Glantz

B: Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
Actuelle USA020780Jul 192210"0  
Casino Dance Orchestra

A: Are You Playing Fair?

Nathan Glantz

B: Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
Actuelle USA020780Jul 192210"06.5 
Irving Kaufman

A: My Yiddisha Mammy

Warren Mitchell

B: Rock Me In My Swanee Cradle
Actuelle USA020782Jul 192210"0  
Southland Six

A: Rose Of Bombay
B: Blue Eyed Blues
Actuelle USA020805Aug 192210"0  
Rudolph Ganz

A: Menuet In G
B: Melodie In F
Actuelle USA025082Aug 192210"0 $27
Casino Dance Orchestra

A: Smilin' Through
B: Three O'Clock In The Morning
Actuelle USA020791Sep 192210"1  
Nick Lucas

A: Teasin' The Frets
B: Picking The Guitar
Actuelle USA020794Sep 192210"0  
Don Parker Trio

A: Who'll Take My Place
B: Silver Stars
Actuelle USA020809Sep 192210"0  
Long Beach Society Serenaders

A: To-Morrow Morning
B: The French Trot
Actuelle USA020822Oct 192210"0  
Perry And Peppino

A: Les Patineurs (The Skaters)
B: España (Spanio Valtz)
Actuelle USA020835Dec 192210"0  

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