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Louis James And Charles Hart

A: Wandering Home

Louis James And Elliott Shaw

B: Sweet Bells Of San José
Actuelle UK10125192110"0  
Ferera And Franchini

A: Sweet Hawaiian Girl Of Mine
B: Oahu
Actuelle UK10177Dec 192110"0  
The "Orpheus" Dance Orchestra

A: Sally
B: Peggy O'Neill
Actuelle UK10321192210"0  
Imperial Symphony Orchestra

A: Shepherds Dance
B: Torch Dance
Actuelle UK10252Jul 192210"0  
Casino Dance Orchestra

A: Three O'Clock In The Morning
B: Another Waltz
Actuelle UK10307Nov 192210"0  
Mendelssohn Male Quartette

A: While Shepherds Watched

Mendelssohn Mixed Quartette

B: Silent Night, Hallowed Night
Actuelle UK15116Dec 192212"0  
Imperial Instrumental Trio

A: Song Of India
B: To A Wild Rose
Actuelle UK10474Aug 192310"0  
Actuelle Military Band

A: Up The Street March
B: Lights Out March
Actuelle UK10526Nov 192310"0  
Ferera And Franchini

A: O, Sole Mio
B: Red Moon Waltz
Actuelle UK10532Nov 192310"0  
Jack Charman

A: Horsey ! Keep Your Tail Up
B: Turned Up
Actuelle UK10640192410"0  
Casino Dance Orchestra

A: After The Storm
B: Waitin' Around
Actuelle UK10680192410"0  
The Dutch String Quartette

A: Largo From Quartette In D Major
B: Finale From Quartette In D Major
Actuelle UK15165May 192412"0  
Lee Morse And Her Blue Grass Boys

A: Everybody Loves My Baby
B: Better Shoot Straight With Your Mama
Actuelle UK10816192510"0  
The "Star" Syncopators

A: I've Got A Real Daddy Now
B: Wanderlust
Actuelle UK10826192510"0  
The "Star" Syncopators

A: I Love The Moon
B: Myra (I Know Of Two Bright Eyes)
Actuelle UK10806May 192510"0  
Lee Morse

A: Ain't That Too Bad
B: With All My Heart
Actuelle UK11434192710"0  
Pathé Dance Orchestra

A: Make Believe
B: Two Sweet Lips
Actuelle UK1010410"0  
The "Star" Syncopators

A: She Showed Him This She Showed Him That
B: The Two Of Us
Actuelle UK1102410"0  

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