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Edith Furmedge

A: Land Of Hope And Glory
B: The Lost Chord
Aco UKF-33001192212"0  
J. H. Squire

A: The Broken Melody

James Levy

B: Fantasie Hongroise
Aco UKF-33009192212"0  
James Levy

A: Meditation "Thais"
B: Serenade
Aco UKG-15009192210"0  
Annie Coxon

A: I Passed By Your Window
B: My Ain Folk
Aco UKG-15012192210"0  
The Harmony Trio

A: Norwegian Cradle Song

The Vernon String Quintette

B: Lettre D'Armand
Aco UKG 15021192210"0  
Mr. Seth Lancaster

A: Cradle Song
B: Ave Maria
Aco UKG-15058192210"0  
The Honolulu Trio

A: Aloha Land
B: Isle Of Paradise
Aco UKG 15063192210"0  
Francis De Bourguignon

A: Romanze

James Levy

B: Chant Sans Paroles
Aco UKF-33029192312"0  
W. Whitlock

A: The Dance Of The Goblins
B: Messenger March
Aco UKG-15089192310"1  
W. Whitlock

A: On To Victory
B: Fairy Kisses
Aco UKG-15105192310"0  
Gilbert Bacon

A: Football
B: Conversations
Aco UKG-15109192310"0  
Cleveland Society Orchestra

A: Irish Song Medley
B: Irish Song Medley
Aco UKG 15113192310"0  
Plantation Harmony Four

A: Sweet Genevieve
B: Sweet And Low
Aco UKG-15151192310"0  
Patrick Kinahan

A: Migliavacca Mazurka

Leslie Davis

B: Beyond The Clouds
Aco UKG-15173192310"0  
Billy Desmond

A: All Over Nothing At All
B: Just Like A Thief
Aco UKG 15209192310"0  
The Grosvenor Orchestra

A: In A Monastery Garden
B: Second Serenade
Aco UKG-15216192310"0  
The Famous Broadway Band

A: Canadian Capers
B: Yes! We Have No Bananas
Aco UKG-15238192310"0  
Archie Hill

A: Less Than The Dust
B: Kashmiri Song
Aco UKG-15245192310"0  
Billy Desmond

A: Romany Rose
B: On The Road To Nowhere
Aco UKG-15248192310"0  
John Thorne

A: The Cobbler
B: Captain Mac
Aco UKG-15266192310"0  
Topping Brothers

A: Down Among The Sleepy Hills Of Tennessee

Harry Topping

B: Carolina Mammy
Aco UKG-15268192310"0  
The Whitehall Dance Orchestra

A: When You And I Were Dancing
B: My Sweetie Went Away (She Didn't Say Where When-Or Why)
Aco UKG-15284192310"0 $12
The Albany Concert Orchestra

A: In A Clock Store
B: A Hunt In The Black Forest
Aco UKF-33063192412"2  
Maurice Cole

A1: Papillons
A2: Moment Musical
B1: Bees Wedding
B2: Prelude
Aco UKG-15387192410"0  
Peter Hardy

A: The Story Of Peter Rabbit
B: Funny Noises
Aco UKG-15407192410"1  
Australian Newcastle Steel Works Band

A: Prelude In C Sharp Minor
B: Arbucklenian
Aco UKG-15537192410"0  
The Band Of H.M. Welsh Guards

A: Grand Military Tattoo
B: Grand Military Tattoo
Aco UKG-15560192410"1  
The Old Virginians

A: Until To-Morrow

The Indiana Melodists

B: I Want To Be Happy
Aco UKG-15632192510"0  
Billy Desmond

A: Tea For Two
B: I Want To Be Happy
Aco UKG-15656192510"0  
George Elliott

A: In Carolina
B: Moonshine
Aco UKG-15668192510"0  
Billy Desmond

A: One Million Times A Day
B: Rose-Marie
Aco UKG-15675192510"0  
The Band Of H.M. Welsh Guards

A: The Flying Squadron
B: Cavalry Of The Clouds
Aco UKG-15702192510"0  
G. H. Elliott

A: Lovin' Ol Moon
B: Alabamy Bound
Aco UKG-15704192510"1  
Jeffries And His Rialto Orchestra

A: The Toy Drum Major
B: San Francisco
Aco UKG-15706192510"0  
Elsie Fisher

A: Break, Break, Break!
B: Here In The Quiet Hills
Aco UKG-15736192510"0  
Billy Desmond

A: The Toy Drum Major
B: Maggie McGhee (Two Little Rosy Cheeks)
Aco UKG-15744192510"0  
Jeffries And His Rialto Orchestra

A: Mercenary Mary From" MercenaryMart" A Fox Trot
B: Honey , I'm In Love With You From Mercenary Mary
Aco UKG 15777192510"0  
Band Of H. M. Welsh Guards

A: Eternal Father And Lead Kindly Light
B: O God Our Help And Abide With Me
Aco UKG-15831192510"0  
Billy Desmond

A: My Murrumbigee Rose
B: Paddy Maloney
Aco UKG-15840192510"0  
The Indiana Melodists

A: Moonlight And Roses

Harry Bidgood And His Tango Orchestra

B: Por Ti (For Thee)
Aco UKG-15844192510"0  
Jeffries And His Rialto Orchestra

A: Paddlin' Madelin' Home
B: Lovely Lady
Aco UKG-15862192610"0  
The Washington Dance Players

A: Angry

The Old Virginians

B: Nobody But Fanny
Aco UKG-15887192610"0  
Elsie Francis-Fisher

A: The Hazel Tree
B: Cradle Song
Aco UKG-15937192610"0  
Billy Desmond

A: In The Land Of Jack And Jill
B: Valencia
Aco UKG-15969192610"0  
Elsie Francis-Fisher

A1: Song Of The Little Folk
B1: A Funny Fellow
B2: Beloved
Aco UKG-16015192610"0  
Band Of H.M. Welsh Guards

A: The Redman
B: The Blackman
Aco UKG-15945May 192610"0  
Jeffries And His Rialto Orchestra

A: Isle Of Bambaloola
B: Does The Spearmint Lose It's Flavour On The Bedpost Over Night ?
Aco UKG-15470192710"0  
Dick Henderson

A: I Wonder Will You Think Of Me?
B: My Fairest Flower
Aco UKG-16038192710"0  
Ernest J. Gillegin

A: Silver Tide
B: Moonlight Goblins
Aco UKG-16039192710"0  
Billy Desmond

A: Rosie Posie's
B: That Night In Araby
Aco UKG-16072192710"1  

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