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Curly Bradshaw

A: Life's Railway To Heaven
B: Mother's Faded Old Sun Bonnet
Acme USA102194910"1  
Curly Bradshaw

A: The Unclouded Day
B: Sinner Man, Where You Gonna Hide?
Acme USA107194910"0  
William Moore And The Country Cousins

A: Bugle Call From Heaven
B: Payday In Heaven
Acme USA500194910"0  
William Moore And His Country Cousins

A: Memories Of Hawaii
B: My Heart Is Filled With Tears
Acme USA110Nov 194910"0  
Randy Atcher

A: Tied Down
B: Take My Heart
Acme USA966195110"0  
Edgar Clayton

A: There's No Need To Love You Now
B: Lonesome For Your Love
Acme USA975195110"0  
Chuck Rogers

A: Someday I Hope You'll Be Free
B: Someday You'll Regret
Acme USA965Jul 195110"0  
Glen Thompson

A: Rocky Mountain Sweetheart
B: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
Acme USA982195210"0  
A. P. Carter And Family

A: Longing For Home
B: Climbing Zion's Hill
Acme USA991195210"0 $26
The Carter Family

A: Railroading On The Great Divide
B: Little Moses
Acme USA992195210"0  
The Carter Family

A: No More Goodbyes
B: On The Rock Where Moses Stood
Acme USA994195210"0 $37
The Carter Family

A: Sweet Fern
B: Soldiers Beyond The Blue
Acme USA995195210"0 $27
The Carter Family

A: Sow 'Em On The Mountain
B: I'll Be Satisfied
Acme USA997195210"0 $40
The Carter Family

A: Room In Heaven For Me
B: Gently Lead Me
Acme USA998195210"0  
Bill Johnson And The Kentucky Drifters

A: That's Why I Like You Best
B: It's All Up To You
Acme USA1112195310"18.0 
Buddy And Marion Durham

A: Springtime Dream
B: All Right, Honey All Right
Acme USA1160195310"1  
The Carter Family

A: Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
B: The Western Hobo
Acme USA1004195610"2 $124
Mrs. Jimmie Rodgers And The Carter Family

A: Mrs. Jimmie Rodgers Visits The Carter Family Part 1
B: Mrs. Jimmie Rodgers Visits The Carter Family Part 2
Acme USA1010195610"3  
Alton Delmore And The Brown's Ferry Four

A: The Devil Is Mounted
B: Gonna Rowe My Boat
Acme USA1110195610"0  
The Carter Family

A1: Beyond The River
A2: Wildwood Rose
B1: Beautiful Isle Over The Sea
B2: Will My Mother Know Me There
Acme USADF-101195610"0  
The Carter Family

A1: The Titanic
A2: Where The Sunset Turns The Ocean Blue To Gold
B1: Railroading On The Great Divide
B2: Wildwood Flower
Acme USADF-102195610"0 $20
The Carter Family

A1: Anchored In Love
A2: I Shall Not Be Moved
B1: Beautiful Home
B2: The Meeting In The Air
Acme USADF-103195610"0 $51
Lonnie Glosson

A: The Old Dutchmans Prayer
B: Get In Line With God
Acme USA1145195710"1  
Lanny Burchett

A: Police Action
B: Bury Me Beneath The Willow
Acme USA105010"0  
The River Valley Ramblers

A: My Confession
B: Down In The Little Green Valley
Acme USA10610"0  
Bobby Cockrum

A: A New Doll
B: A One Way Ticket
Acme USA106010"0  
Dickson Rangers

A: Looking For A City
B: Living With Jesus
Acme USA1064110"0  
Kyle Brothers

A: That Little Old Hut
B: My Loved Ones Are Waiting For Me
Acme USA108510"0  
William Moore And His Country Cousins

A: The Love I Thought Was So True
B: Come Along To Tennessee
Acme USA11510"0  
Claude Sweet And Roy Davidson

A: I Have No Mother Now
B: You'll Never Miss The Water
Acme USA116510"0  
Glenn Pennington

A: Don't Treat Me Like A Toy
B: A Blue Letter
Acme USA117010"0  
David Rich (17 Years Old) And Melody Hands

A: Why, Oh Why Do You Cry
B: Strings Of A Broken Heart
Acme USA120110"0  
Dave Rich (17 Years Old) And His Melody Hands

A: Why, Oh Why Do You Cry
B: Strings Of A Broken Heart
Acme USA120110"0  
Jimmie Smith And Liittle Orphan Boys

A: Once In A Blue Moon
B: Puppet On A String
Acme USA120510"0  
Marvin McCullough And Band

A: I Think I'm Falling In Love With You
B: I Can't Tell My Heart
Acme USA121010"0  
Al Brumley And The Brumley Brothers

A: The World's Greatest Story
B: There Is A Fountain
Acme USA122510"0  
Al Brumley And The Brumley Brothers

A: Am I Too Late
B: You've Been Tellin' Me Lies
Acme USA123010"0  
Jesse Coates

A: Columbus Stockade Blues
B: My Heart Can't Tell A Lie
Acme USA123510"0  
Joe Boy And The Hoosier Cornhuskers

A: You're My Little Darling
B: Kissing Bug Bounce
Acme USA126010"0  
Al And Dottie

A: The Burning Of The Noronic
B: Will The Angels Have A Sweetheart?
Acme USA55010"0  
The Carter Family

A: Ship Ahoy
B: Hill, Lone And Grey
Acme USA99910"0 $39
Mobley Sisters Trio

A: When I Cross That Lonesome Valley
B: Down Old Log Cabin Lane
Acme USAS-26010"0  
The Dixie Melody Boys

A: Death Will Never Knock On Heaven's Door
B: You Must Have That Pure Religion
Acme USAS32010"1  

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