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Al Collins

A: Shuckin Stuff
B: I Got The Blues For You
Ace USA500195510"2 $224
Little Bo And Orch.

A: Baby
B: So Glad
Ace USA501195510"1 $97
Al Terry And La. Hayriders

A: Shoot Me A Line
B: Promise Made - Promise Broken
Ace USA502195510"1  
Big Boy Crudup

A: My Baby Boogies All The Time
B: I Wonder
Ace USA503195510"3 $100
Bobby Fields

A: Give A Helping Hand
B: Pity Poor Me
Ace USA504195510"1  
Lightning Slim

A: Lightning Slim Boogie
B: Bad Feeling Blues
Ace USA505195510"2 $100
Jimmy And Jack

A: Love Love Love
B: I Don't Want You Anymore
Ace USA507195510"0  
Lou Millet

A: Whisper Of Doubt
B: Just You And Me
Ace USA506Aug 195510"1  
Elmore James

A: I Believe My Time Ain't Long

Elmore James [Bobo Thomas]

B: I Wish I Was A Catfish
Ace USA508Aug 195510"3 $229
Earl King

A: Those Lonely, Lonely Nights
B: Baby You Can Get Your Gun
Ace USA509Aug 195510"6 $52
"Sonny Boy" Williamson

A: No Nights By Myself
B: Boppin' With Sonny
Ace USA511Sep 195510"3 $67
Lou Millet

A: Humming Bird
B: My Inlaws Made An Outlaw Out Of Me
Ace USA510Oct 195510"0 $150
Ann Clark

A: Those Lonely, Lonely Nights
B: I Had A Dream
Ace USA512Oct 195510"11.0 
J. W. Meredith

A: You're Not The Girl Of My Dreams
B: I Love You So Much
Ace USA513Dec 195510"1  
Lightning Hopkins

A: Bad Boogie
B: Wonder What Is Wrong With Me
Ace USA516195610"2 $102
Earl King

A: I'll Take You Back Home
B: It Must Have Been Love
Ace USA517May 195610"2 $27
Dave Dixon

A: Feeling So Low
B: I'm Not Satisfied
Ace USA519Jul 195610"0 $46
Earl King

A: Mother Told Me Not To Go
B: Is Everything Alright
Ace USA520Jul 195610"2  
Junior Gordon

A: Blow Wind Blow
B: My Love For You
Ace USA522Jan 195710"08.0$35
Bobby Marchan

A: Chickee Wah-Wah
B: Don't Take Your Love From Me
Ace USA523Jan 195710"2 $30
Frankie Lee Sims

A: Misery Blues
B: What Will Lucy Do?
Ace USA524Feb 195710"3 $39
Mercy Baby

A: Marked Deck
B: Rock And Roll Baby
Ace USA528Jun 195710"39.8 
Huey Smith And The Clowns

A: Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu (Part 1)
B: Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu (Part 2)
Ace USA530Jun 195710"2 $45
Frankie Lee Sims

A: Walking With Frankie
B: Hey Little Girl
Ace USA527Sep 195710"79.5$60
The Supremes [New Orleans]

A: Just For You And I
B: Don't Leave Me Here To Cry
Ace USA534Sep 195710"3 $84
Sammy Myers

A: My Love Is Here To Stay
B: Sleeping In The Ground
Ace USA536Sep 195710"3 $75
Jimmy Clanton

A: That's You Baby
B: I Trusted You
Ace USA537Sep 195710"2  
Dick Holler And His Rockets

A: Living By The Gun
B: Uh Uh Baby
Ace USA540Dec 195710"0 $89
The Champions

A: Cute Little Baby
B: I'm So Blue
Ace USA541Jan 195810"0 $18
Huey (Piano) Smith And The Clowns

A: High Blood Pressure
B: Don't You Just Know It
Ace USA545Jan 195810"110.0$43
Jimmy Clanton And His Rockets

A: Just A Dream
B: You Aim To Please
Ace USA546Jul 195810"4 $76
Huey "Piano" Smith With His Clowns

A: Well I'll Be John Brown
B: Don't You Know Yockomo
Ace USA553Nov 195810"2  

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