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Eydie Gorme

A: You Need Hands
B: Dormi, Dormi, Dormi, (Rockabye Baby)
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC.4000195810"0  
Clint Miller

A: Polka Dotted Poliwampus
B: Teenage Dance
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC. 4002195810"1  
Lloyd Price

A: Stagger Lee
B: You Need Love
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC. 4011195910"1  
Paul Anka

A: I Miss You So
B: Late Last Night
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC.4013195910"0  
Lloyd Price

A: Where Were You (On Your Wedding Day)
B: Is It Really Love?
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC.4014195910"1  
The Virtues

A: Guitar Boogie Shuffle
B: Guitar In Orbit
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC.4016195910"0  
Lloyd Price

A: Personality
B: Have You Ever Had The Blues
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC.4018195910"0  
The Virtues

A: Flippin' In
B: Shufflin' Along
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC.4020195910"0  
Lloyd Price

A: I'm Gonna Get Married
B: Three Little Pigs
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC. 4029195910"0  
The Virtues

A: Virtue's Boogie Woogie (Pine Tops Boogie)
B: Pickin' The Stroll
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC.4030195910"0  
Santo And Johnny

A: Sleep Walk
B: All Night Diner
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC.4033195910"0  
Lloyd Price

A: Come Into My Heart
B: Wont'cha Come Home
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC.4035195910"0  
The Lifeguards

A: Everybody Out'ta The Pool
B: Teenage Tango
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC.4027196010"1  
Lloyd Price

A: Why
B: Lawdy Miss Clawdy
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC.4031196010"0  
Dean Hightower And His Twangin' Fools

A: Twangin' Fool
B: Goodnight Sweetheart
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC.4036196010"0  
Lloyd Price

A: Lady Luck
B: Never Let Me Go
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC.4042196010"0  
Steve Lawrence

A: Footsteps
B: You Don't Know
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC 4044196010"0  
Lloyd Price

A: No If's - No And's
B: For Love
ABC-Paramount South AfricaABC.4045196010"0  
The Shadows

A: Saturday Dance
B: Lonesome Fella
ABC-Paramount South AfricaPD.8350196010"1  
Lloyd Price

A: One Hundred Percent
B: Say I'm The One
ABC-Paramount South AfricaPD.8420196110"0  
Paul Anka

A: Tonight My Love, Tonight
B: I'm Just A Fool Anyway
ABC-Paramount South AfricaPD.8421196110"0  
Paul Anka

A: Dance On Little Girl
B: I Talk To You (On The Telephone)
ABC-Paramount South AfricaPD.8447196110"0  
Barry Mann

A: Who Put The Bomp (In The Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)
B: Love, True Love
ABC-Paramount South AfricaPD.8475196110"0 $235

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