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The Rover Boys

A: Come To Me
B: Love Me Again
ABC-Paramount USA9659Nov 195510"0  
Lael And Cab Calloway

A: Little Child

Cab Calloway

B: The Voice
ABC-Paramount USA9671Jan 195610"2  
Dick Duane

A: Blue Prelude
B: To Make A Mistake
ABC-Paramount USA9677Feb 195610"1  
The Rover Boys

A: My Queen
B: 16 Teens
ABC-Paramount USA9678Feb 195610"0  
Eydie Gorme

A: Too Close For Comfort
B: That's How
ABC-Paramount USA9684Mar 195610"0  
Rex Trailer

A: El Dorado
B: Mountain Gold
ABC-Paramount USA9695Apr 195610"0  
Cornel Gunter And The Flairs

A: In Self Defense
B: She Loves To Rock
ABC-Paramount USA9698Apr 195610"0  
Sabby Lewis

A: Ding-A-Ling (Coo Coo Mop)
B: Kenny's Blues
ABC-Paramount USA9685May 195610"0  
The Rover Boys

A: Graduation Day
B: I Hear Music
ABC-Paramount USA9700May 195610"2  
Richard Hayes

A: Blue Bolero
B: My Girl And His Girl
ABC-Paramount USA9706Jun 195610"0  
Ronnie Self

A: Pretty Bad Blues
B: Three Hearts Later
ABC-Paramount USA9714Jun 195610"0  
Eydie Gorme

A: You Bring Out The Lover In Me
B: Mama, Teach Me To Dance
ABC-Paramount USA9722Jul 195610"1  
Ginny Gibson

A: Miracle Of Love
B: Two Innocent Hearts
ABC-Paramount USA9739Aug 195610"0  
Johnny Nash

A: A Teenager Sings The Blues
B: Out Of Town
ABC-Paramount USA9743Oct 195610"0  
George Hamilton IV

A: A Rose And A Baby Ruth
B: If You Don't Know
ABC-Paramount USA976520 Oct 195610"4  
Freddie Mitchell And His Rockers

A: Rock Junction
B: Seaweed
ABC-Paramount USA9778Dec 195610"0  
George Hamilton IV

A: Only One Love
B: If I Possessed A Printing Press
ABC-Paramount USA9782Jan 195710"2  
Lloyd Price

A: Just Because
B: Why
ABC-Paramount USA78-9792Feb 195710"2 $43
The Norman Petty Trio

A: Almost Paradise
B: It's Been A Long Long Time
ABC-Paramount USA9787Feb 195710"0  
The Tazman

A: Easy Pickin'
B: The Chicken
ABC-Paramount USA78-9812Apr 195710"09.0 
Steve Schulte

A: Such A Fool
B: (I've Got) The Texas Blues
ABC-Paramount USA9813Apr 195710"0  
Jack Scott

A: Baby, She's Gone
B: You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar
ABC-Paramount USA78-9818May 195710"0  
Paul Anka

A: Diana
B: Don't Gamble With Love
ABC-Paramount USA78-9831Jun 195710"38.0 
Joe Bennett And The Sparkletones

A: Black Slacks
B: Boppin' Rock Boogie
ABC-Paramount USA78-9837Jul 195710"1  
Cindy And Lindy

A: Brigitte's Song (Tell Me Something Sweet)
B: The Language Of Love
ABC-Paramount USA78-9847Jul 195710"1  
Steve Gibson And The Red Caps

A: Silhouettes
B: Flamingo
ABC-Paramount USA78-9856Sep 195710"0  
Jack Scott

A: Two Timin' Woman
B: I Need Your Love
ABC-Paramount USA78-9860Oct 195710"0  
George Hamilton IV

A: Why Don't They Understand
B: Even Tho'
ABC-Paramount USA78-9862Oct 195710"24.0 
Joe Bennett And The Sparkletones

A: Rocket
B: Penny Loafers And Bobby Socks
ABC-Paramount USA78-9867Nov 195710"2  
Danny And The Juniors

A: At The Hop
B: Sometimes (When I'm All Alone)
ABC-Paramount USA78-9871Nov 195710"1  
Johnny Nash

A: A Very Special Love
B: Won't You Let Me Share My Love With You
ABC-Paramount USA78-9874Nov 195710"0  
Clint Miller

A: Bertha Lou
B: Doggone It Baby, I'm In Love
ABC-Paramount USA9878Dec 195710"210.0 
Royal Teens

A: Short Shorts
B: Planet Rock
ABC-Paramount USA78-9882Jan 195810"0 $102
Danny And The Juniors

A: Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay
B: School Boy Romance
ABC-Paramount USA78-9888Jan 195810"3 $75
Eddie Platt

A: Tequila
B: Popcorn
ABC-Paramount USA78-9899Feb 195810"0  
Paul Anka

A: Let The Bells Keep Ringing
B: Crazy Love
ABC-Paramount USA78-9907Mar 195810"0 $20
The Larktones

A: The Letter
B: Rockin' Swingin' Man
ABC-Paramount USA78-9909Mar 195810"3  
Lloyd Price

A: Stagger Lee
B: You Need Love
ABC-Paramount USA78-9972Nov 195810"2 $29

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