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Gordon Burdge opened the label in July 1949 and he was also an employee of Majestic Records. February 1951 the label was described as defunct and Burdge was in trouble with the unions for not paying his musicians. They had already cancelled his licence to record in September 1950
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Donna Blanchard And The Stable Boys

A: The Belle Of Bellflower
B: Hollywood Square Dance
ABC-Eagle USAABC 106194910"0  
Red Nichols And His Five Pennies

A: Memphis In June
B: Perfidia
ABC-Eagle USAABC 111194910"0  
Ozie Waters With Slim Duncan And Texas Tornadoes

A: Utah Trail
B: Home On The Range
ABC-Eagle USAABC 120194910"0  
Jack Rivers

A: Nebraska - My Home
B: Nebraska Sweetheart
ABC-Eagle USAABC 123194910"0  
Tex Wallace

A: I'm Throwing Rice (At The Girl I Love)
B: Careless Hands
ABC-Eagle USAABC 147194910"0  
Jack Rivers And Abigail

A: Close Your Eyes And Dream

Tex Wallace

B: Slipping Around
ABC-Eagle USAABC 148194910"0  
Jack Rivers And String Band

A: Rose Of Broken Heart Lane
B: Love Sick Blues
ABC-Eagle USAABC 149194910"0  
Jack Rivers

A: I Don't Write No Letters (And Nobody Answers)
B: Country Boy
ABC-Eagle USAABC 150194910"0  
Jack Rivers

A: A Year Of City Living
B: Lorelei
ABC-Eagle USAABC 191Sep 194910"0  
Tex Wallace

A: Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me
B: I Don't Want To Go To Heaven If My Dog Rusty Can't Meet Me There
ABC-Eagle USAABC 192Sep 194910"0  
Boots Faye And Idaho Call

A: Leave It To Jesus
B: Trusting In Him
ABC-Eagle USAABC 18920 Sep 194910"0  
Boots Faye

A: I Can't Fool My Heart
B: Baby Sitter's Blues
ABC-Eagle USAABC 19020 Sep 194910"0  
Boots Faye And Idaho Call

A: The Hold Up Song - Put Your Hands Up!
B: Once Your Heart Has Been Broken
ABC-Eagle USAABC 19420 Sep 194910"0  
Sam Hinton

A: Old Man Atom (Talking Atomic Blues)
B: Long John
ABC-Eagle USAABC 230May 195010"2  

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