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Johnny Horton

A: Develish Lovelight
B: Candy Jones
Abbott USA100Jun 195110"2  
Johnny Horton

A: Happy Millionaire
B: Mean, Mean Son Of A Gun
Abbott USA101Jul 195110"2  
Johnny Horton

A: Done Rovin'
B: Plaid And Calico
Abbott USA102Aug 195110"3  
Johnny Horton And The Texans

A: Go And Wash Those Dirty Feet (Before You Go To Bed)
B: In My Home In Shelby County (Down Near Memphis, Tennessee)
Abbott USA104Sep 195110"3 $43
Johnny Horton

A: Talk Gobbler Talk
B: Shadows On The Old Bayou
Abbott USA105Nov 195110"2  
Johnny Horton

A: Words
B: Smokey Joe's Barbecue
Abbott USA106Jan 195210"3  
Johnny Horton

A: On The Banks Of The Beautiful Nile
B: It's A Long Rocky Road
Abbott USA107Jan 195210"2  
Johnny Horton

A: Betty Lorraine

Johnny Horton And Hillbilly Barton

B: Somebody's Rockin' My Broken Heart
Abbott USA108Mar 195210"2 $20
Johnny Horton And Hillbilly Barton

A: Bawlin' Baby

Johnny Horton

B: Rhythm In My Baby's Walk
Abbott USA109Mar 195210"3  
Hillbilly Barton

A: Strange Affection
B: She's A Good Ole Gal
Abbott USA110Mar 195210"1  
Hillbilly Barton

A: No Interest
B: Never Satisfied
Abbott USA111Mar 195210"0  
Danny Dixon

A: Sweater Girl
B: Funny Book
Abbott USA112Apr 195210"0  
Hillbilly Barton

A: You Made Me Love You (With Every Twinkle In Your Eye)
B: My Darlin' Liza Lou
Abbott USA113Apr 195210"0  
Bob Davis

A: I'm Looking At A Darlin' Angel
B: My Gal Comes From Heaven
Abbott USA114Apr 195210"0  
Jim Reeves

A: What Were You Doing (Last Night)
B: Wagon Load Of Love
Abbott USA115Jan 195310"0  
Billy Barton And The Circle O Ranch Boys

A: You Will Always Be In My Heart
B: Blues In The Blue Of The Night
Abbott USA117Feb 195310"2  
Jim Reeves

A: I Could Cry

Jim Reeves And The Circle O Ranch Boys

B: Mexican Joe
Abbott USA116Mar 195310"3  
Wink Lewis And The Circle O Ranch Boys

A: That's Me When With You
B: Sahw Bessie
Abbott USA119Mar 195310"0  
Freddie Frank, Red Hayes' Fiddles And His Trail 80 Round-Up Boys

A: 12,000 Texas Longhorns
B: Off To Parts Unknown
Abbott USA125Mar 195310"0  
Curtis Kirk

A: The Little Things You Do
B: I Can't Take It With Me (When I Leave This World)
Abbott USA126Mar 195310"0 $40
Johnny Horton

A: Plaid & Calico

Johnny Horton And The Texans

B: Shadows On The Old Bayou
Abbott USA135Mar 195310"2 $37
Mitchell Torok

A: Little Hoo-Wee
B: Judalina
Abbott USA136Mar 195310"2  
Jim Reeves

A: Butterfly Love
B: Let Me Love You Just A Little
Abbott USA137May 195310"2 $27
Curtis Kirk

A: Oh, So Lonesome Blues
B: Marriage Was Meant For Two
Abbott USA138May 195310"1  
Bob Stegall

A: Strong Coffee
B: Restless One
Abbott USA139Jul 195310"2  
Mitchell Torok

A: Caribbean
B: Weep Away
Abbott USA140Aug 195310"2  
Carolyn Bradshaw With Louisiana Hayride Band

A: Marriage Of Mexican Joe
B: Baby, Then You're Catchin' On
Abbott USA141Aug 195310"0  
Jim Reeves

A: El Rancho Del Rio
B: It's Hard To Love Just One
Abbott USA143Aug 195310"0  
Billie Jo Moore

A: I Dess I Dotta Doe
B: Too Old For Toys, Too Young For Boys
Abbott USA144Sep 195310"0  
Rudy Grayzell

A: Looking At The Moon And Wishing On A Star
B: The Heart That Once Was Mine
Abbott USA145Sep 195310"0  
Floyd Cramer

A: Fancy Pants
B: Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue
Abbott USA146Nov 195310"0  
Rudy Grayzell

A: Bonita Chiquita
B: I'm Gone Again
Abbott USA147Nov 195310"2 $25
Jim Reeves

A: Bimbo
B: Gypsy Heart
Abbott USA148Nov 195310"0 $20
Mitchell Torok

A: Hootchy Kootchy Henry (From Hawaii)
B: Gigolo
Abbott USA150Nov 195310"0  
Carolyn Bradshaw

A: Say No, No, No
B: It's Still The Same
Abbott USA151Nov 195310"0  
T. Tommy Cutrer

A: Mexico Gal

T. Tommy Cutrer And Ginny Wright

B: Wonderful World
Abbott USA152Feb 195410"1  
Carolyn Bradshaw

A: A Man On The Loose
B: Flower Of The Rio
Abbott USA153Feb 195410"4  
Smiley Burnette

A: Mucho Gusto
B: Chuggin' On Down "66"
Abbott USA154Feb 195410"2  
Wanda Wayne And Billy Barton

A: I Cried My Eyes Out Over You

Billy Barton

B: What's The Matter With Me
Abbott USA155Feb 195410"26.5 
Rudy Grayzell

A: It Ain't My Baby (And I Ain't Gonna Rock It)
B: Ocean Paradise
Abbott USA157Mar 195410"0  
Floyd Cramer

A: Jolly Cholly
B: Oh Suzanna
Abbott USA159Mar 195410"1  
Jim Reeves

A: Echo Bonita
B: Then I'll Stop Loving You
Abbott USA160Mar 195410"0  
Smiley Burnette

A: Lazy Locomotive
B: That Long White Line
Abbott USA161Apr 195410"2  
Jim Reeves

A: Beatin' On The Ding Dong
B: My Rambling Heart
Abbott USA164May 195410"0 $20
T. Tommy Cutrer

A: You're Not The Girl For Me
B: Why Should I Cry
Abbott USA165May 195410"0  
Alvadean Coker

A: Witch's Waltz
B: Sugar Doll
Abbott USA16311 May 195410"0  
Mitchell Torok

A: The Haunting Waterfall
B: Dancerette
Abbott USA162Jun 195410"0  
Billy Barton

A: You're You

Billy Barton And Wanda Wayne

B: This Word Called Love
Abbott USA166Jun 195410"2  
Jim Reeves

A: Padre Of Old San Antone
B: Mother Went A-Walkin'
Abbott USA168Jul 195410"0  
The De Castro Sisters

A: It's Love
B: Teach Me Tonight
Abbott USA3001Aug 195410"2  

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