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  USA  195
  UK  96
  Canada  47
  Australia  22
  Sweden  11
  Finland  8
  Germany  7
  India  7
  Netherlands  6
  New Zealand  5
  Norway  4
  Denmark  3
  Japan  3
 Bootleg  1
 All Records  415
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Glenn Miller

A: Moonlight Bay
B: How Am I To Know?
Decca USA1239May 193710"2  
Glenn Miller

A: Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere
B: Wistful And Blue
Decca USA1284Jun 193710"3 $20
Glenn Miller

A: Peg O' My Heart
B: I'm Sitting On Top Of The World
Decca USA1342Jul 193710"2 $31
Glenn Miller

A: I Got Rhythm
B: Time On My Hands (You In My Arms)
Brunswick USA7915Jul 193710"19.0$94
Glenn Miller

A: Every Day's A Holiday
B: Sweet Stranger
Brunswick USA8041193810"1 $75
Glenn Miller

A: My Reverie
B: King Porter Stomp
Bluebird USAB-785312 Oct 193810"0 $34
Glenn Miller

A: By The Waters Of Minnetonka (Indian Love Song) (Part 1)
B: By The Waters Of Minnetonka (Indian Love Song) (Part 2)
Bluebird USAB-787019 Oct 193810"1 $27
Glenn Miller

A: (Gotta Get Some) Shut-Eye
B: How I'd Like To Be With You In Bermuda
Bluebird USAB-1013915 Feb 193910"3  
Glenn Miller

A: And The Angels Sing
B: The Chestnut Tree
Bluebird USAB-1020119 Apr 193910"3 $20
Glenn Miller

A: Sunrise Serenade
B: Moonlight Serenade
Bluebird USAB-1021426 Apr 193910"99.3$40
Glenn Miller

A: Three Little Fishies (Itty Bitty Poo)
B: Wishing (Will Make It So)
Bluebird USAB-102193 May 193910"2 $20
Glenn Miller

A: My Last Goodbye
B: The Lady's In Love With You
Bluebird USAB-1022910 May 193910"1 $27
Glenn Miller

A: But It Didn't Mean A Thing
B: Runnin' Wild
Bluebird USAB-1026915 May 193910"39.5$20
Glenn Miller

A: Stairway To The Stars
B: To You
Bluebird USAB-1027622 May 193910"2 $20
Glenn Miller

A: Little Brown Jug
B: Pavanne
Bluebird USAB-1028629 May 193910"610.0$40
Glenn Miller

A: The Lamp Is Low
B: Blue Evening
Bluebird USAB-102905 Jun 193910"2 $21
Glenn Miller

A: I'm Sorry For Myself
B: Back To Back
Bluebird USAB-1029912 Jun 193910"0 $27
Glenn Miller

A: Cinderella (Stay In My Arms)
B: Moon Love
Bluebird USAB-1030312 Jun 193910"1  
Glenn Miller

A: Rendezvous Time In Paree
B: We Can Live On Love (We Haven't Got A Pot To Cook In)
Bluebird USAB-1030919 Jun 193910"0 $27
Glenn Miller

A: Guess I'll Go Back Home (This Summer)
B: Slip Horn Jive
Bluebird USAB-1031726 Jun 193910"0 $20
Glenn Miller

A: Sold American
B: Pagan Love Song
Bluebird USAB-1035224 Jul 193910"0 $19
Glenn Miller

A: The Man With The Mandolin
B: The Little Man Who Wasn't There
Bluebird USAB-1035831 Jul 193910"29.0$27
Glenn Miller

A: Over The Rainbow
B: Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead
Bluebird USAB-103667 Aug 193910"29.0$53
Glenn Miller

A: Blue Orchids
B: Baby Me
Bluebird USAB-1037214 Aug 193910"0 $33
Glenn Miller

A: Twilight Interlude
B: Glen Island Special
Bluebird USAB-1038828 Aug 193910"2 $27
Glenn Miller

A: I Got Rhythm
B: Sleepy Time Gal
Vocalion USA5051Sep 193910"1 $22
Glenn Miller

A: My Isle Of Golden Dreams
B: Wham (Re-Bop-Boom-Bam)
Bluebird USAB-103995 Sep 193910"0  
Glenn Miller

A: Blue Moonlight
B: My Prayer
Bluebird USAB-1040411 Sep 193910"0 $27
Glenn Miller

A: In The Mood
B: I Want To Be Happy
Bluebird USAB-1041615 Sep 193910"10 $67
Glenn Miller

A: Melancholy Lullaby
B: (Why Couldn't It Last) Last Night
Bluebird USAB-1042322 Sep 193910"010.0$27
Glenn Miller

A: Out Of Space
B: So Many Times
Bluebird USAB-104386 Oct 193910"0  
Glenn Miller

A: Bless You
B: Speaking Of Heaven
Bluebird USAB-1045520 Oct 193910"0 $19
Glenn Miller

A: Faithful Forever
B: Bluebirds In The Moonlight (Silly Idea)
Bluebird USAB-1046527 Oct 193910"1  
Glenn Miller

A: Blue Rain
B: Who's Sorry Now?
Bluebird USAB-1048610 Nov 193910"0  
Glenn Miller

A: Indian Summer
B: Farewell Blues
Bluebird USAB-1049517 Nov 193910"0  
Glenn Miller

A: Careless
B: Vagabond Dreams
Bluebird USAB-105208 Dec 193910"2 $21
Glenn Miller

A: On A Little Street In Singapore
B: This Changing World
Bluebird USAB-1052615 Dec 193910"1 $27
Glenn Miller

A: Faithful To You
B: It's A Blue World
Bluebird USAB-1053622 Dec 193910"3 $24
Glenn Miller

A: Doin' The Jive
B: Dipper Mouth Blues
OKeh USA5131194010"1  
Glenn Miller

A: In An Old Dutch Garden (By An Old Dutch Mill)
B: Starlit Hour
Bluebird USAB-105535 Jan 194010"0  
Glenn Miller

A: When You Wish Upon A Star
B: The Gaucho Serenade
Bluebird USAB-1057019 Jan 194010"3 $27
Glenn Miller

A: Missouri Waltz
B: Beautiful Ohio
Bluebird USAB-105872 Feb 194010"3  
Glenn Miller

A: The Woodpecker Song
B: Let's All Sing Together
Bluebird USAB-105989 Feb 194010"0 $20
Glenn Miller

A: Too Romantic
B: Sweet Potato Piper
Bluebird USAB-1060516 Feb 194010"0  
Glenn Miller

A: Tuxedo Junction
B: Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)
Bluebird USAB-1061223 Feb 194010"610.0$20
Glenn Miller

A: Imagination
B: Say "Si Si"
Bluebird USAB-106221 Mar 194010"0 $19
Glenn Miller

A: My! My!
B: Say It
Bluebird USAB-106318 Mar 194010"2  
Glenn Miller

A: Sierra Sue
B: Moments In The Moonlight
Bluebird USAB-1063815 Mar 194010"0 $25
Glenn Miller

A: Polka Dots And Moonbeams
B: What's The Matter With Me
Bluebird USAB-1065729 Mar 194010"1 $20
Glenn Miller

A: Star Dust
B: My Melancholy Baby
Bluebird USAB-106655 Apr 194010"1 $27

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