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1Jan Kubelik

A: Pierrot's Serenade
Victor USA7425628 Nov 191112"7  
2The Five Sharps

A: Stormy Weather
B: Sleepy Cowboy
Jubilee USA5104Dec 195210"76.0$29231
3Yvette Giraud

A: Petit Voyage Sentimental (Sentimental Journey)
B: Mademoiselle Hortensia
Gramophone FranceK-8727194610"29.0 
4Ada Jones, Billy Murray And Frank Stanley

A: Whistle It

Arthur Collins

B: Hot Corn
Standard Disc USAA493190810"0 $25
5The Raymond Scott Quintette

A: Dinner Music For A Pack Of Hungry Cannibals
B: Reckless Night On Board An Ocean Liner
Brunswick USAM 8000193710"0  

A: The Story Of Three Loves
B: The Harmonica Player
His Master's Voice UKB.10678Mar 195410"0  
7Arthur Collins

A: What's The Use Of Loving, If You Can't Love All The Time?

[no artist listed]

B: Way Down Yonder In The Cornfield
Columbia USAA473190810"0  
8Arthur Collins

A: Keep Jazzin' It Ras'

Eddie Nelson

B: When Alexander Takes His Ragtime Band To France
Emerson USA7385Aug 19187"0 $29
9Fess Williams And His Royal Flush Orchestra

A: Ida Sweet As Apple Cider
B: Dinah
Victor USA2300512 Sep 193010"0 $58
10Seattle Harmony Kings

A: Breezin' Along (With The Breeze)

Art Landry's Orchestra

B: Tell Me You Love Me
Victor USA2014224 Oct 192610"0  
11The Raymond Scott Quintette

A: Minuet In Jazz
B: Twilight In Turkey
Brunswick USAM7992193710"0  
12A. Schwartz Orchestra

A: שמחת תורה נאָך די הקפות (Simchas Torah Noch Die Hakofes)
B: מזל טוב, מחותנים (Mazel Tov Mechutonim)
Columbia USAE4281191910"0  
13[no artist listed]

A: I May Be Crazy But I Ain't No Fool
Standard Disc USA1889190410"0 $33
14Arthur Collins

A: I'm Going Right Back To Chicago
Victor USA4961Jan 19078"0 $33
15Arthur Collins

A: I'm Going Way Back Home And Have A Wonderful Time

M. J. O'Connell

B: The Stormy Sea Of Love
Victor USA18072Jul 191610"0  
16John Ryan

A: My Angel (Angela Mia)

Radio Boys

B: Believe It Or Not
Radiex USA2423192810"0  
17Albert Campbell And Henry Burr

A: Good-Bye Red Man

Arthur Collins And Byron G. Harlan

B: All Aboard For Chinatown
Columbia USAA1954Mar 191610"0  
18Thory Bernhards

A: Sting Av Swing
B: Minns Du?
Polydor Sweden49549194210"1  
19Thory Bernhards

A: Då Och Nu
B: Den Lilla Klockan
Philips SwedenP 50 030 H195210"0  
20Ben Selvin

A: Nightingale
B: That Haunting Melodie
Vocalion USA14925Jan 192510"0  
21Arthur Collins

A: Ephraham's Jazbo Band
Emerson USA5176Apr 19176"0 $40
22Collins And Harlan

A: On The Hoko Moko Isle
B: When I'm A Sargent Man
Victor USA17971Mar 191610"0  
23Jack Payne

A: I'm Popeye The Sailor Man
B: My Dance
Rex UK8483193510"0  
24[no artist listed]

A: American Patrol
Standard Disc USA3044190510"0  
25Thory Bernhards

A: Lappflickan
B: En Sjömans Brud
Philips SwedenP 50 100 H195510"0  
26Arthur Collins

A: My Sumurun Girl

Arthur Collins And Byron G. Harlan

B: Oh! You Circus Day
Columbia USAA1187Aug 191210"0  
27Collins And Harlan

A: At The Levee On Revival Day

Golden And Hughes

B: The Darktown Editors
Victor USA17300Apr 191310"0  
28Jonah Jones

A: Just Like A Butterfly
B: Just For Licks
Keynote USAK-614194410"0  
29Estrads Favoritorkester 1944

A: Hayfoot, Strawfoot

Thory Bernhsrds, Estrads Favoritorkester 1944

B: All Of Me
Sonora Sweden194510"0  
30Ben Selvin

A: I Can't Realize
B: Alabamy Bound
Vocalion USA14964Apr 192510"0  
31Arthur Collins

A: If You've Got A Little Bit, Hang On To It (It's Hard To Get A Little Bit More)

Collins And Harlan

B: And The Great Big World Went 'Round And 'Round
Columbia USAA1919Feb 191610"0  
32Thory Bernhards

A: Tack Vare Dig (Because Of You)
B: Små Flickor
Musica SwedenA 3257195210"0  
33Thory Bernhards

A: Tänk När Ljusen Tänds Igen (When The Lights Go On Again)
B: Till Slut (At Last)
Polydor Sweden49559194410"0  
34Arthur Collins

A: If That Place Called Heaven Was Mine
Columbia USA3595Mar 190710"0  
35Herbie Haymer

A: Sweet And Lovely
B: I Saw Stars
Keynote USAK-640194610"0  
36Al Jolson

A: Tillie Titwillow

Arthur Collins And Byron G. Harlan

B: Lily Of The Valley (A "Nut" Song)
Columbia USAA2296Aug 191710"0  
37Coleman Hawkins

A: Lonely Wine
B: Carioca
Decca USA28216May 195210"0  
38George Hartman

A: Always
B: Darktown Strutters Ball
Keynote USAK-613194410"0  
39Ben Selvin

A: Miss You
B: Junior
Columbia USA1875-DJun 192910"0  
40Ben Selvin

A: Peter Pan
B: Does My Sweetie Do - And How
Vocalion USA14982May 192510"0  
41Thory Bernhards

A: När En Stjärna Faller
B: Kanske
Musica SwedenA 3333195210"0  
42Sir Lancelot

A: Donkey City
B: Neighbor, Neighbor Leave Me Door
Keynote USAK-559194310"0  
43"Little Jazz" And His Trumpet Ensemble

A: I Want To Be Happy
B: Fiesta In Brass
Keynote USA608194410"0  
44Thory Bernhards

A: You Call Everybody Darling
B: Underneath The Arches
Musica SwedenA 8852Dec 194810"0  
45Arthur Collins

A: What Ye G'Wine To Do When The Rent Comes Aroun'?
Faultless Concert USA1547190510"1 $68
46Ben Selvin

A: Will You Remember Me
B: Swanee Butterfly
Vocalion USA14981May 192510"0  
47Hildegarde And Buddy Clark

A: Why Shouldn't It Happen To Us?
B: I've Told Ev'ry Little Star
Decca USA23662194610"1  
48Ira D. Sankey

A: Throw Out The Life-Line
Standard Disc USA3205190510"1  
49Fritz Kreisler

A: Austrian Hymn
B: Viennese Melody
Victrola USA910Sep 192310"1  
50Frankie Laine

A: Hummingbird
B: My Little One
Philips UKP.B.498Aug 195510"48.0 

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