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Hildegarde And Buddy Clark: Why Shouldn't It Happen To Us? / I've Told Ev'ry Little Star   Comment by Whyperion

B Side To this Personality Series Disc [YouTube Video]

Charlie Kunz: Charlie Kunz Piano Medley No. D. 47   Comment by Whyperion

A Side Audio [YouTube Video] DR 6016 DR 6017 [YouTube Video] B Side

Fritz Kreisler: Austrian Hymn / Viennese Melody   Comment by xiphophilos

Based on the catalog number and label design, this record was part of the first selection of 140 older recordings coupled on the new double-faced Victrola records, cf. announcement in The Talking Machine World, September 15, 1923, page 24

Jan Kubelik: Pierrot's Serenade   Comment by Mike Gann

It's not my personal "primary source". I don't think that the gentleman went to the company and spent all of the time and trouble to compile this data to have his work referred to as a "secondary source". But if your release date makes you happy, then I'm happy right along with you.

Jan Kubelik: Pierrot's Serenade   Comment by xiphophilos

With all due respect, Bolig's book may be your personal "primary source," i.e., reference work, but it can never be a primary source, as least not in the way professional researchers would define a primary source as opposed to a secondary source. Primary sources are...

Jan Kubelik: Pierrot's Serenade   Comment by Mike Gann

The reason why I dispute Bolig's usage of TMW is this. I purchased this book because I was tired of sifting through five years of TMW editions to find a release date. I've also found that several of these records were never reported to TMW. If you take a look at the Victrola...

Jan Kubelik: Pierrot's Serenade   Comment by xiphophilos

The release of this record was announced not _on_, but _for_ November 28. The announcement came before Nov. 15, the issue date of TMW. Bolig's reference works are excellent, but they are still a secondary source. When someone presents you with a usually reliable primary...

[no artist listed]: Throw Out The Life-Line   Comment by biblio1

Added undamaged label scan [Mod. comment. Moved up.]

Jan Kubelik: Pierrot's Serenade   Comment by Mike Gann

The data in the Bolig Discography is pulled from the original blue file cards. It a file card is lost for a record, it will state that. It may have been announced on November 28, but it was released after the first of December.

Jan Kubelik: Pierrot's Serenade   Comment by xiphophilos

Was there anything wrong then with my date of November 28, 1911? That's the release date announced by Victor itself in The Talking Machine World article that I linked to. The TMW is what Bolig himself tends to use, unless he has access to the Victor blue history cards.

Jan Kubelik: Pierrot's Serenade   Comment by Mike Gann

@ xiphophilos. I have John Bolig's Victor Red Seal Discography for the single-sided records sitting here on my desk so you may want to let me date these.

Thory Bernhards: Sting Av Swing / Minns Du?   Comment by Christer Peters

Calle Jaerdes orkester med så g av Thory Bernhards 1942.

Oral Roberts: A Personal Message And Prayer For You / God Is A Good God   Comment by W.B.lbl

The center label diameter appears to be ~3.5" in this case, as opposed to the standard ~3" for 78's.

Casper Reardon: Summertime / (If You Can't Sing It) You'll Have To Swing It   Comment by W.B.lbl

The new {Images #3196381 & 3196382}, in order, should come before {Images #1346428 & 1346429}. [Done! Mod.]

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