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List of 53 Records by Upsetter FC
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A: I've Got Mine
B: Dubmobile
A&M USASP-12073198312" Single 
2The Selecter

A1: On My Radio '91 ("Rad" Mix)
B1: The Selecter
B2: On My Radio '91 (The Bell Mix)
Pagan Records UKRZST116199112" Single 
3Kevin Rowland And Dexys Midnight Runners

A1: The Celtic Soul Brothers (More, Please, Thankyou)
B1: Reminisce Part One
B2: Show Me (Recorded Live 1982)
Mercury UKDEXYS 1212Mar 198312" Single 
4Dexys Midnight Runners

A1: Come On Eileen
B1: The Sound Of Philadelphia (T.S.O.P.)
B2: Let's Make This Precious
Mercury USAMDS 4021198212" Single 
5General Public

A1: I'll Take You There (Extended 7" Mix)
A2: I'll Take You There (Sunshine Club Mix)
B1: I'll Take You There (Hoya Tribe Trip)
B2: I'll Take You There (Baby Says Huh? Dub)
Epic Soundtrax / Epic Dance USA49 77460199412" Single 
6The Selecter

A1: On My Radio
A2: Three Minute Hero
B1: Missing Words
B2: The Whisper
12 Inch Gold UKOG 4017198712" Single 
7Busters All Stars

A: The Sound Of Skaaa!
B: Two Tone Party
Music Factory UKMFDT 008199012" Single 
8The Busters

A1: Rude Girl
B1: Is It True
B2: They Ruled The World
Unicorn Records UK12-PHZ-37198912" Single 
9The Toasters


A1: Recriminations
A2: Razor Cut
B1: Run Rudy Run
B2: Radiation Skank
Unicorn Records UKPHZA-18May 198812" Single 
10The Billies

A1: I Said Yeah (The 12" Version)
B1: I Said Yeah (The Edited Version)
B2: Yeah Hot Rod
Blue Beat UKBBLS 008198912" Single 
11Laurel Aitken And The Pressure Tenants

A1: Everybody Ska (Mixbuster Mix)
A2: Everybody Ska (Dubble Mix)
B1: Skinhead
Unicorn Records UK12-PHZ-40198912" Single 
12Laurel Aitken And The Loafers

Mad About Ska

A1: Sally Brown
A2: Rudy Got Married
B1: Skinhead
B2: Mad About You
Staccato UK12 RUDE 5198912" Single 
13The Loafers

Living In A Suitcase

A1: Living In A Suitcase
A2: Skanking At The O.K. Coral
B1: Postman Pat
B2: Z Cars
Staccato UK12 RUDE 1198912" Single 
14UB40 With Chrissie Hynde

A: Breakfast In Bed (Extended Mix)


B: Breakfast In Bed (12" Dub Mix - Parts I And II)
DEP International UKDEP 29-12198812" Single 

A1: It's A Wonderful Life (Gonna Have A Good Time)
A2: Slick Nick, You Devil You
B1: Iration
B2: Just Call Me Scrooge
Columbia USA4C 44097198712" Single 
16The Specials

Special A.K.A. Live!

A1: Too Much Too Young
A2: Guns Of Navarone
B1: Longshot Kick The Bucket
B2: Liquidator
B3: Skinhead Moonstomp
Chrysalis JapanWWS-10002198012" Single 
17Little Baggariddim

UB40 Featuring Chrissie Hynde

A1: I Got You Babe


A2: Don't Break My Heart
A3: One In Ten
B1: Mi Spliff

UB40 Featuring Pato

B2: Hip Hop Lyrical Robot


B3: I Got You Babe (Dub Version)
A&M USASP-6-5090198512" Single 
18The Madness

A1: I Pronounce You
A2: 4BF
B1: Patience
B2: 11th Hour
Virgin UKVST 1054Mar 198812" Single 
19Paul Weller

A1: Uh Huh Oh Yeh
A2: Arrival Time
B1: Fly On The Wall
B2: Always There To Fool You
Go! Discs UKGOD X 86199212" Single 
20Prince Buster And The Trojans

A: Stack-O-Lee
B: Stack-O-Dub
Gaz's Rockin' Records UK12 GAZ 010198912" Single 
21Bad Manners

A1: Skaville UK (12" Mix)
B1: Skaville UK
B2: Rocksteady Breakfast
Blue Beat UKBBLS 001198912" Single 
22Bad Manners

A1: Christmas Time Again
A2: Return Of The Ugly

Busters All Stars

B1: Skinhead Love Affair
B2: You Fat Bastard
Blue Beat UKBBLS 010198912" Single$15
23Bad Manners

A1: Gonna Get Along Without You Now (Reggae Mix)
A2: Gonna Get Along Without You Now (Ska Mix)
B1: Gonna Get Along Without You Now (Radio Edit)
B2: Oh Jamaica
Blue Beat UKBBLS 004198912" Single 
24The International Beat

A1: Danny Boy
A2: Are You Ready
B1: What You Are
B2: One More Chance
International Beat UKI.B.1199112" Single 
25The Special AKA

A: War Crimes (The Crime Remains The Same)
B: Version
2 Tone UKCHS TT-10 23Nov 198210" Single 
26The Specials

A1: Ghost Town (Extended Version)
B1: Why?
B2: Friday Night, Saturday Morning
2 Tone UKCHS TT 1217Jun 198112" Single 
27Bad Manners

A1: Samson And Delilah (Biblical Version)
B1: Good Honest Man
B2: Your (Instrumental Version)
Magnet UK12 MAG 236Oct 198212" Single 
28Bad Manners

A1: My Girl Lollipop (My Boy Lollipop) (Extended Lick Mix)
B1: Ben. E. Wriggle (Remixed Version)
B2: Flashpoint
Magnet UK12 MAG 232Jul 198212" Single 
29Bad Manners

A1: That'll Do Nicely (Russian Express Mix)
B1: Monster Love (Dub)
B2: King Ska Fa
Magnet UK12 MAG 243May 198312" Single 
30The Beat

A1: Can't Get Used To Losing You
B1: Mirror In The Bathroom
B2: Spar Wid Me
Go Feet UKFEET1217Apr 198312" Single 
31The Beat

A: Ackee 1 - 2 - 3 (Nike Mix) (John "Jellybean" Benitez Mix)
B: I Confess (United States Of America Remix) (John "Jellybean" Benitez Mix)
Go Feet UKFEET 1218Jun 198312" Single 
32The Equators

A1: Rankin' Discipline
B1: Rescue Me
B2: Feelin' High
Stiff USAWEE 31981Promo 
33The Untouchables [US]

A1: (I Spy For The) FBI
B1: Whiplash
B2: Shine On
Stiff UKBUYIT 227Jul 198512" Single 
34The Untouchables [US]

A1: What's Gone Wrong? (Extended Version)
B1: The Lonely Bull
B2: What's Gone Wrong?
Stiff UKBUYIT 240Nov 198512" Single 
35The Untouchables [US]

Dance Party

A1: Freak In The Street (Freak Out Mix)
A2: (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
A3: Hey UT's (Live At Spring Break, Daytona Beach, Florida)
B1: Free Yourself (Special London Mix)
B2: I Spy (For The FBI)(National Security Mix-UP)
B3: What's Gone Wrong (Lovers Rock Mix)
MCA USAMCA-36016198612" Single 

A1: My Girl
B1: In The Rain
B2: Stepping Into Line
Stiff UKBUYIT 62Dec 197912" Single 

A1: The Return Of The Los Palmas 7
A2: My Girl
B1: That's The Way To Do It
B2: Swan Lake
Stiff UKBUYIT 108Jan 198112" Single 

A1: Tomorrow's (Just Another Day) (Warped 12" Version)
A2: Blue Beast (Warp Mix)
B1: Tomorrow's (Just Another Day) (Re-recorded Version)
B2: Madness (Is All In The Mind)
Stiff UKBUYIT 169Feb 198312" Single 

A: Our House (Special Remix--Extended Dance Version)
B: Mad House ("Our House" Instrumental Dubb Version)
Geffen USA0-29667Apr 198312" Single 

The Peel Sessions

A1: The Prince
A2: Bed And Breakfast Man
B1: Land Of Hope And Glory
B2: Stepping In To Line
Strange Fruit UKSFPS007Oct 198612" Single 

A: Don't Quote Me On That
B: Swan Lake
Stiff UKMAD 11980Promo 
42Fine Young Cannibals

A1: Ever Fallen In Love (Extended Version)
B1: Ever Fallen In Love (Single Version)
B2: Ever Fallen In Love (Dub Version)
MCA USAMCA-23707198612" Single 
43Fine Young Cannibals

A1: Blue
A2: Wade In The Water
B1: Blue (Version)
B2: Love For Sale
London UKLONX 79Oct 198512" Single 
44The Specials

The Peel Session (23rd May 1979)

A1: Gangsters
A2: Too Much Too Young
B1: Concrete Jungle
B2: Monkey Man
Strange Fruit UKSFPS 018Jan 198712" Single 
45The Specials

A1: Ghost Town
B1: Why?
B2: Friday Night, Saturday Morning
Chrysalis USACDS 2525Jul 198112" Single 
46The Special AKA

A: What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend (Extended Version)
B: Can't Get A Break (Extended Version)
2 Tone UKCHS TT 12 27Aug 198412" Single$25

A1: Come Out To Play (Extended Mix)
B1: Contaminated Minds
B2: Sing Our Own Song (Recorded Live In Moscow)
DEP International UKDEP 31-12Nov 198812" Single 

A1: Wear You To The Ball (Extended Mix)
B1: Splugen
B2: Wear You To The Ball (7" Version)
DEP International UKDEP 36-12Jul 199012" Single 

A1: Maybe Tomorrow/Anything Mi Chat
B1: Dubwise
B2: Dread, Dread Time
DEP International UKDEP 27-12Oct 198712" Single 

A: Riddle Me
B: D.U.B. Dub
DEP International UKDEP 15-1219 Nov 198412" Single 

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